Experimental Genetics - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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  1. As I finish out my grow space I decided to buy a little schwag to get some bag seed to play with. (Been buying sensimillia for too long.)
    Any way, I just wanted to get some confirmation on what I culled out.  The ones on the left are good and the ones on the right I think are bad.  Are those big fat white seeds really bad?  Seems like I read that somewhere.


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  2. I had a small handful of white and light green colored, immature seeds that I dropped into a shot glass full of water not really expecting much to happen. Ended up with about 90% germ rate, about 70% of those grew to plants. I had well over 30 plants that I didn't have room or lights to grow and let many of them die off, gave a few away, culled the males, and now have a bakers dozen flowering in my 2nd bathroom.
    My advice (as a novice) is to go with the ones you think are good, and if you have space, lights, etc. allow the other funky looking seeds to condemn themselves before discarding anything.
    Keep in mind that a good half or so of them will be male.
  3. That's good to know, because some of those are far more...robust looking than most of the darker speckled ones.  
    (Which I read is what you look for.)
  4. Well that was easy.  After reading a bunch of stuff on germination I did the following two nights ago.
    Took a small plastic container that lunchmeat comes in (washed of course) and two paper towels.  Folded the towels twice each and got the lightly wet with warm tap water.  Not dripping, just quickly passed it back and forth under the faucet and gave it a gentle squeeze.  I placed nine seeds evenly spaced on this paper towel and covered them carefully with the other one.  Popped a lid on and put them on top of the fridge under a basket. (Warm and dark)
    Checked last night and nothing.  But tonight I've got 7 of nine popped and either showing a root tip or completely sprouted.  Nice.
    These won't get planted as they are mexibrick (probably) and my grow room isn't ready yet.  But I think when I get the good seeds I'll leave them for about a day and a half then put them into their starter cups before they actually pop.  Less chance of screwing up the root that way.  Good idea or bad?
    2014-0-22 19-53-2.jpg
    2014-0-22 19-53-14.jpg
    2014-0-22 19-53-26.jpg
  5. Aaaaand before I could see what they looked like on day three, my wife threw the whole container out. Thought it was something she had left in there by mistake. Oh well, they were destined for the trash anyway, but I would have liked to see if those last couple of seeds had popped.Sent from my Nexus 10 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    So I germ'd another batch of bagseed for about 36 hours, give or take.  Put them in J-i-f-f-y pellets in a tried and true seed starter.  Sold at every Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, et al.  How many out of 12 do you think I'll have up in 7 days? Forgot to mention, that is the insides of an old heating pad on low between two 12" tiles for warmth.
    I'm also making some mini-Hempy pots to transplant the J-iffy pellets to once roots reach the edges of the pellets.  Made them from 16oz plastic cups we had on hand.  The translucent ones go inside the opaque ones so I can pull them out and check the roots from time to time but keep them in the dark mostly.
    The bottom third is perlite that goes up about a half inch above a 1/8" hole drilled into the cups.  Then organic soil.  Water goes in at the top, leaving a reservoir in the bottom just below the hole.  The roots will migrate to it. (I hope.)
    Eventually these would be planted into the 5 gal Smart pots.
    MiniHempy1.jpg   MiniHempy2.jpg
  7. And on the third day...one has already broken ground. No pics as I only took a quick look before putting the hood back on. Maybe I'll have a couple of babies to show off tomorrow.Sent from my Nexus 10 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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