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  1. F313BBDC-1CAF-4B42-8323-E05984021645.jpeg For ages I’ve wanted to try an extremely simple and cheap grow.
    Just a cheese auto. In general purpose compost. Fed one bottle of 7-7-7. Both from a garden centre. Good sized pot and one 400w.
    Regular tap water but ph balanced. Fed every other water with half nutes.
    No topping. No training. Zilch.
    This is week 8.
    Usually I grow with Fox nutes and a stronger light but I was curious to what it would look like. Would it even grow properly?
    She’s got legs for sure. Happy plant. But is this what you would expect from a cheaper, all round approach? The yield does not look great but should know more in a week or so’s growth. Autos have so many growth spurts it’s amazing.
    Thoughts appreciated
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  2. Welcome to organic gardening, friend.
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  3. It looks great, it has lots of time to go friend. Patience.
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  4. B6E86640-A62B-4C5E-8AF9-A620FB0FEE14.jpeg Cheers guys. A little longer definitely.
    Frosty looking now, a little. Such a pretty plant.
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  5. Damn

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  6. Damn? What did you see? You got me worried
  7. AB483304-3E1C-4922-AEB5-DA5721AFB26E.jpeg Last bump. She just keeps getting frostier. On the most basic nute plan. 4 quid a bottle.
    I’m gobsmacked.
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  8. Not even close to organic.
  9. Not organic. Just very basic.
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  10. Yield wise, would you take a loss if you use organic? I started some off the first 3 weeks in non organic bloom and root stimulant and I was going to do the rest of it with organic, is that a good or bad idea? Thanks anyone who knows :)
  11. Growing the next one in the toilet
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  12. nice good cheap and cheerful grow ,,,,,thats what i like mate ,,,now thats an idea grow one in the bog..one flush and it watered ,,,plus you could add nutes to the cistern again one flush and they are feed lol ..mac.
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  13. Not to laugh at Bath Tub grows..plenty of reflectivity and water is right there (mine has a ten ft high ceiling..would be great for Cheese grows..)
    3-21-18 Cackleberry.JPG
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    4E0B3A80-A799-49F1-BB57-E8163E6ACD46.png Bag seed doing well, grown the same as the autos, in the same bath - sativa dominant. Nothing changed. Very basic grow. All on 7-7-7 garden centre nutes straight through.
    She’s starting to get frosty.
    I’m amazed to be honest. All done in the bath.

    Kudos to you fellow bath growers. The control of humidity and airflow is super easy and quick, if adjustments need to be made.

    It’s not perfect I know. But really enjoying the grow for this plant.

    Again, garden centre multi purpose compost (cheap shit). Water has cheapo 7-7-7 nutes in it. I just adjust the amount according to the stage the plant in. Once mixed the feed is ph balanced.
    Flush feed once a week or if she is dry 3 inches down. Running half strength nutes at this stage.

    Under a 600 HPS from seed.

    Temps 24/27
    Humidity (not including spiking) 44/50 %

    I’m thrilled. Had to try it. And it’s been fun.

    Foliage is green right the way through. No weird or yellow leaves. Like I say, stoked. Smiling away like a twat writing this. :)
  15. She’s a beaut buddy. What a fabulous sight

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