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  1. Ok so here is the low down skinny on a experiment I want to try. I know it's not easy, or maybe not even recommended.
    I want to get 2 strains of cannabis and spray colloidal silver on one and pollinate the other with it. . This is just for mainly experimental purposes and for personal use, not looking at selling seeds or giving any away. I was written off working due to a motorbike crash last April and. Well I am bored and like growing things. Fairly green thumb. With veggies anyway. I have grown cannabis before on my 3rd round ( not even close to a master cultivator) what's does everyone think. Should I try. Should I say fuck it,or am I off the deep end waiting for a padded room? LMK . THANKS PEEPS

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  2. hey kevinski experimenting is always good.... colloidal silver works for me, made a few batches of seeds, growing out the first batch at the mo... only problem ive found is that some strains really dont want to produce balls and take much longer.. start flowering the plant to be sprayed 3 weeks before the mother plant.. 40-50 ppm twice a day until plants are covered in balls. i start spraying a few days before flower begins.. i say go for it. nothing ventured nothing gained....
  3. @greenfinger00 that's what I was thinking. Now for another silly question. Can you spray cs on a couple buds for the pollen then drop that on the other untreated buds of the same plant? Or would that cause some hills have eyes genetics?

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  4. as far as i know it should work. no idea what the seeds would be like.. practically speaking i think it would be difficult to spray only one branch.. i used cuttings grown bushy and kept small. easy to manage.. my mother grew in 3L soil, 7 inches tall. 80 viable seeds produced..
  5. Ok I have started the experiment. I am sprouting 2 og kush and 3 northern lights #5 and have a white widow fem already growing. I plan on vegging for a month and taking a cutting off the white widow. Then spraying colloidal silver on the white widow and pollinating to og kush and northern lights with the pollen 1515438375079.jpg

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  6. Good morning everyone. I have sprouted 2 og kush and sadly only 1 northern lights germinated. My experiment is going really well. 1518009614118.jpg 1518009621658.jpg 1518009627143.jpg
    Everything seems to be growing really well. Considering I have not even had a full month of veg they are looking nice. I wanted to have them in bigger pots by this time,but I have a stubborn auto northern lights in there that just won't flower.

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  7. I feel like I learn something new every day about growing MJ and I love it. What is the most frustrating part is who to decide to listen to. Some people don't always give the greatest advise. I tend to list to the OG of growers because I feel like they keep it simple.

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  8. Yes. And remember it's just a plant. Knowing deficiencies is good and how to remedy the diff. The bugs are a bitch. I've had aphids 2 times already. Both grows. The second time I was all over those sob right away. My grade 12 math teacher told me a good phrase. KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. :)

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