Experiment: will 2 grams of vaped weed in a blunt get me lifted

Discussion in 'General' started by GrandaddyPurps, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Well iv been saving my vaped weed the last 2-3 weeks. I have about 2 grams... I lost my scale so I cant give an exact number. I was gonna save up 14 grams and make edibles... but my boredom got the best of me. So I got a grape dutch and rolled er up.

    Haha now the question is will this get me high or not? Some friends say oh yea it will get me high, others dont think it wont do shit.

    So what does GC think?

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    Sorry its not my best roll, I havent rolled a blunt in weeks.

    gonna smoke this tomorrow as my wake'bake so il let you guys know the outcome
  2. I doubt it will work to well, probably a buzz, but I'm interested.
  3. It will work.

    It won't be as intense as non-vaped pot but two grams of it will help you see through time.
  4. I gave a few grams of vaped weed to a friend.. he got high..
  5. Oh no doubt you'll be faded! But it just won't feel the same since most of the thc was vaped out

    Me and my friend packed his bong with vaped weed. Wasn't a very satisfying high but it did the job. I prefer vaped weed in edibles! :D

    OH and btw vaped weed tastes like SHIT :eek: when you smoke it. Get ready to cough!

  6. yea id be happy with a buzz
  7. I smoked a blunt of vaped weed before. It was EXTREMELY harsh and didn't really do the trick, but I guess I was buzzed. You should've just used those two grams to make firecrackers or smoked it out of a bong.

  8. with the 2 grams.... id have to make ALOT of firecrackers... haha i hate eating 1... let alone 5. and if i wanted to pack some bong loads... id have to pack like 8 to get all the weed in. If its to harsh... il smoke what i can then snuff it out and do something else with the rest
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    times are rough and tough like leather or what GDP?
    do what u gotta do to get by though, just be prepared for a nasty taste.
    im sure theres a bit of THC that got left behind.

  11. naw times arent tough,,, im actually makin pretty good $$. I have weed. Im just curious... and I kinda wanna prove some friends wrong :devious:

    There is def some thc left behind

    If it doesnt work im just gonna trash it, I wont be wasting any weed.

    why yea sad

    Ok time to pass out... quicker I fall asleep quicker I can wake up and smoke this :cool:
  12. oh my bad, i didnt know it was like an experiment type thing...let us know how it goes tomorrow
  13. I'd guess that vaped weed would have a lot more of a certain cannabanoid that burns at a slightly higher temp. like more or less cbd, thc, thcv, or cbn. so, I'd imagine it'd give it a different high. I really don't know. just a guess.
  14. Yeah I always get more of a body high from vaped weed.

    I made firecrackers out of 2 gs of vaped weed before and I couldn't move; I was stuck in place for hours! :eek:
  15. i got a thread up, ima try to sleep before class in 2 hours, but i doubt it, night blades
  16. Its gunna taste gross. Ive done it before. Unless you vape your weed way shorter then me but I dont think your going to get high. There still is thc in it but still... Not worth the gross taste, I couldnt get past 3 hits of a 1 gram vaped blunt. I wanted to puke
  17. The cannabinoids that don't vaporize off are the ones that make you feel stonier, more of a body high. The THC will be missing from your high though, and that's responsible for the delirious head high.

    You'll just get stoned.
  18. Waiting for the results.:D
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    I might try this next time

    Well to answer everyones question yes I have a slight buzz you might call it every so slightly high, but by no means am I baked. But considering this is weed most people throw away im not complaining. Next time I will try fire crackers when I have a large amount.

    The smoke wasnt actually much harsher than smoke from a normal blunt. Infact I did not cough at all. But im gonna rate the high 2.5 on the scale of 0 being sober and 10 being holy shit out of you mind paranoid freak out baked.

    But I do notice my consciousness is off... so I def feel something but to a small extent.

    So yes it did get me high just a very little bit. :smoke:
    If you are having a dry spell and this is all thats available... go for it

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