Experiment No.1 - Plant Outside and Forget About it.

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Is it worth it?

  1. Yeah, it'd be cool to see what would happen.

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  2. Maybe

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  3. No

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  4. Not even worth it to go outside. Stay inside all year and smoke the weddd

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    I've been doing some research for the past few months.

    From what I know, the ground is very fertile where I live. I tried this once before, a few months ago, but we had a hurricane hit, and it died.

    I am thinking about planting a few seeds in the woods, and just leaving them be for a few months. Nothing special, just bag seeds. I rarely ever get them, so I might only get one or two.

    No nutrients, sunlight all day, and at the beginning of spring, is my idea.

    No, I am not expecting anything at all from this plant. In fact, I think they won't last but a few weeks. It's worth the shot, for me, as they are just bag seeds, and weed is already dirt cheap here.

  2. First off, you can't talk about other drugs here, may want to edit that out.

    I've done this a long time ago with 25 bagseed plants (was moving so it was either that or toss them).
    Went back 2 weeks later, all died. Hope you have better luck than me ;)
  3. Thanks for the tip at the end... also, yeah, I'm kinda 99.5 percent sure the same will happen, but, it's even in the slightest way possible, it may just work
  4. Ive never had it work....

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  5. You can do it but you need something that will control moisture . Meaning if its dry it will have some dampness left but when it rains enough aeration the plants don't drown lol. And you would need enough nutrients to support it for it's life. Seen a guy on youtube use miraclegro moisture control blue bag soil, and no perlite as a test. Big ass plant, think he lives in California though.

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