experiencing new grounds.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by fracturtle, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. has anyone else ever felt like there is some kind of a barrier between you and the rest of the world? i will explain.

    there is a place i go all the time to park my car and go for walks out in nature. i pretty much do the same walk every time, but there was one time when i had to wait for a friend and noticed something different.

    i realized that i had never crossed to the other side of the road, which was a big field. the more i looked at this field the more artificial it became, as if the road were the last real ground before an illusion. i decided that i had to cross the road and check the field out for myself. it was so weird! it was like the second i went farther than i had before, the whole world changed and became more real. it was as if when i stepped on new ground, my mind was flooded with the rest of the field coming into more real focus.

    it struck me as significant because i think that other people have experienced this as well. a good example i can think of is in the lord of the rings when samwise says that this is it..one more step and it will be the farthest he's ever been from home. sometimes i feel that tolkien knew much more than what people take away from his stories.

    has this happened to anyone?
  2. yeah dude! just a couple times too. its pretty insane XD i think like i forget theres more to everything than there seems then when something like that happens its just like a mind orgy of how much there really is and stuff..idk if any of that made sence im baked as shit right now ^_^ but yeah i know what you mean
  3. thats crazy... its never happened to me though, or atleast ive never noticed it
  4. one time me and neg ate some acid and went into the woods, it was spring so everything was vibrant green and the acid hadnt really kicked in yet, plus it was the first time i'd done it.. neg was like "dude, this is fuckin awesome i'm tellin ya" n i was like "what do you mean, it seems like the same old woods to me" and he said "just give it a couple seconds.. so we ducked under this bush and came out into an opening and all of a sudden it hit me and everything seemed so brand new like i'd never seen it before, even though we grewup exploring those woods and knew every inch of them.. haha the look of joy and wonder on my face musta been pretty funny cuz neg started laughing hysterically (he was already 2 hours into his trip)

    but y ea, i think i know what you mean

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