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Experiencing intense re-trips from smoking after high dose edible

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rob_Saget, Jan 24, 2023.

  1. I am utterly confused by this situation. I've been an every day smoker for 13 years, and I've done edibles many times, though perhaps not quite as high a dose. I got a homemade gummy worm from a friend so theres no way to determine exact doseage, he told me to be careful, so I ate a little bit less than half. That night, I got very very VERY high. With some light CEV's(strange shapes, colors, no fractals or anything all that crazy) had trouble sleeping cuz of that but it was not a negative experience. I woke up the day after still a little high, which is fine, whatever. Went to work. Now, I drive a box truck long-ish distance for a living, so I go 3-5 days with no weed occasionally, so perhaps my tolerance isn't what it used to be but here's the thing; since this edible experience, every time I smoke weed I begin to feel like I'm coming up on acid or mushrooms, I almost immediately began seeing some very hard to describe visuals, almost like my brain WANTED to see patterns and things that aren't there, some strange colors and strobing and shit like that. This is almost exactly how I felt when I took the edible, which I might add was three weeks ago at this point. Because of all this, smoking weed has become a 12+ hour commitment, the last time I smoked was probably 36 hours ago and I'm still getting some strange visual snow and weird movements when I close my eyes. I have had lots of traumatic psychedelic experiences(12+ years ago tho) in my life, and while this is no where as bad that same feeling and anxiety is still present, as well as some of the weird visual disturbances when I close my eyes. I can definitely notice these feelings fading, but it is happening slowly and i really am not diggin it. I plan on taking an extended break from smoking weed. Has anyone else had an experience like this?? My coworker told me it happened to him before, but I can find absolutely nothing online about it, and while I know there's no way I damaged my brain I am feeling incredibly anxious and depersonalized. Does anyone have any tips or similar experiences they can share?

    TLDR; took prob 80-100+ MG thc. Now when I smoke weed I feel like im tripping for 12+ hours. What do?
  2. I think it will eventually wear off. It is weird and I wish it would happen to me. Not while driving a truck, however.
  3. Trust me, it is not a pleasurable feeling.
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  4. Happens from time to time, not often 4 or 5 times in 43 years of smoking.
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  5. But you get feelings/ visuals that linger for more than a day?
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  6. I believe you are experiencing HPPD from doing high doses of psychedelics. Visual snow is a big sign of this.

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