experienced users only,, rate your nutes please

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  1. soil nutes , im thinking of a new nute purcase for my next grow,, id prefer it to be o.m.r.i.,,approved organic based,,,ive had my eye on bio-grow products,,,,,,, just a little input on the brand and your personal experiences with it would help a lot in my decision...and has anyone ever used any of dr.hornabys products[ trantula,iguana,,pirannah e.t.c.] thanks a lot guys i know youll will be a great help in this future decesion of mine....:wave:
  2. i cant believe aint noeone posted to brag on there favored nute product and the outcome it gave them,,, thats what im looking for a little feedback on tried products,,, come on fellows....:smoking:
  3. Hi Chicken.
    Chemical grower here. After I use up my chemicals (super frugal and hate to waste) I plan to go organic. I think I will go with the Jamaican and Mexican bat guano's (I think it is Mexican). One or the other has a high N and the other one has a high P. Can't remember which is which but, I think they both have enough macro and micro's in them to be used as the sole fertilizer. Inside sun has some good bags of that stuff.
  4. I use a combination of organic and chemical. I start with worm castings as a soil amendment, about 15-20% of my soil mix. Worm castings are great as a soil component because they act as both a rich, pure organic soil compound as well as a light fertilizer. It is extremely gentle on plants -- virtually impossible to burn the roots even in pure worm castings.

    I usually flush when switching to the flower cycle, and right after that the soil has compacted down, so I add a new layer of pure worm castings and a thin layer of potting soil on top of that to fill the pot back up a bit and allow the fresh worm castings to continue to fertilize down into the soil with every watering.

    With that as a base I don't feel the need to get too fanatical about other ferts and so use some everyday chemical nutes. Just not convinced that the MJ-specific ferts sold on websites and such are worth the premium.

    For veg I use Peter's all-purpose plant food 20-20-20 with micronutes.

    For flower I use Shultz bloom plus. The Schultz is super-heavy on P, something like 10-54-10, so I take it easy on that all the way through the flower cycle.
  5. while were on the subjext of nutes wats the best way to purcahse them I currently have Earth Juice organic(quartz) you think I should get it in gallons since I plan on doing hydo soon also does hydro use more nutrients than soil
  6. myself i am going to be switching back to organics but atm my favorite is miracle grow bloom booster
  7. im not really concerned with whats under the plant ill be going with a guano mix there,,, be it worm ,seagull,, bat,,, goat,,,e.t.c. i want ratings on the water soluble solutions,,, im currently using m.g. bloom booster,,,,,, i been looking at sensi bloom and sensi grow,,,,and a lot others,,,,theres so many,,,,,any feedback will help.....thanx,,
  8. BioBizz's Topmax and Advanced Nutrients.
  9. I use all hydro-organic. It's the same as if you were using soil though (pots, filled with "soiless" mix)

    Everything is made by american agritech/botanicare. Back a few years ago it was rated "best nutrient line" in High Times.

    -Soiless Ready-Gro Soil (consists of perlite, coconut, worm castings, root shield, etc) or Ready-Gro plugs (for clones)
    -Pure Blend Pro for Veg (Don't confuse this with "Pure Blend." The bottle with "Pro" at the end is a stand alone, no fuss, all in one for veg nutrients)
    -Pure Blend Bloom for Bloom
    -CalMag Plus (for Calcium, Magnesium and trace nutrients)
    -Liquid Karma

    This stuff comes with a chart so you know how much to feed it during each phase of growth. You consult the formula chart for every watering, not just for a monthly fert. The nutrients are always immediately available, and it takes the guess work out of growing. Check out americanagritech.com - Chances are that your local shop carries this line.
  10. Ive very little experience but if you can get your hands on plagron batmix& plagron royality mix and use the batmix for the bottom half of the pots as it geared for flowering plants youve a top notch soil use it in conjuction with Advanced nutrients overdrive and big bud and it will compare well to a hydro grow ive been told;)
  11. thanx dier,,,, i been looking at the top-max,,,,, from the write up,,, it sounds good it is one i got circled in my cataloug,,,anyone got any exp. using bio-grow,,,and bio-bloom,,, i got my eye on these also...
  12. bought some bio grow today will let u no the results
  13. For liquid nutes, I have had great success with General Hydroponics "Flora" line of non-organic nutes. Only reason I went with non-organic is because I have an Aero setup and organic nutes tend to clog the spray jets.

    For organic liquid nutes I use Foxfarm.

    The more and more I grow and research the more and more I like the Foxfarm line of growing products.

    I have had only positive experiences using their products. This includes Liquid and dry nutrients, soil, and supplements.
  14. I have used age old products before and like them alot but switched to bio-grow ;last spring and am much happier. I also use bio-bloom for flowering which is a great product. i use beastie blooms/bio-bloom mix for mid-flower and cha-ching /bio-bloom mix for late flower for micro-nutirents. The buds are covered with trichromes and the taste is great. The beastie bloomz and cha-ching are kind of expensive but you only need 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water so they last awile.:D

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