Experienced runners - what to eat after a run?

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  1. Just ran about 3-4 miles and I'm not really that hungry. After working out I usually have a decent meal with protein,veggies,fruit,etc. with a big glass milk. What should I eat after a pretty intense run? It was my first time running in a few months and it was moderately intense (also used to smoke cigs). I just had some v8 fruit juice, some yogurt and some water. Is there anything else I should have? I read a few things from Google but I wanted to know what you guys personally eat after running.
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    Whey protein shake with ice, a splash of milk, spoonful of peanut butter, and whatever fruit I can find (usually banana for the potassium.)

    Oh and I'll throw some flax seeds in there as well if I have them :)
  3. Protein shake and a banana. Lot's of water.
  4. Ok cool. I actually just bought some whey protein today :D

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