Experienced Road Trip Advice Needed

Discussion in 'General' started by dank nugglets, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. On Saturday I'm driving 4 hours across the state to watch my school play Kansas in football. For those that don't know, it's a huge rivalry (even though KU sucks balls at football) and could very well be the last time we play since we're going to the SEC.

    My friend is picking me up Saturday morning, so obviously I want to get a strong buzz going. In Missouri, there is no statewide Vehicle Open Container law, so I will be drinking legally (for the most part). There are a few counties on the way that have such laws so I will have to be careful.

    My question for everyone is, what should I drink on the drive over? Should I pack a cooler with beers? Or would it be smarter to get a bottle of something? I'm already bringing a flask for the game, so I will already have some liquor to sneak into the stadium. They also sell beer at Arrowhead so that is legit.

    I want to get nice and belligerent for the game, but obviously not blackout. So if anyone has any car ride suggestions they would be much appreciated.

    PS. I know I'm going to have to piss throughout the trip. I was thinking we'd make a few stops, but I might have to bring some sort of piss container. What do you think?
  2. I'm thinking just beers..
  3. 4 hours aint no road trip son.
  4. this..

  5. maybe not....but it's something
  6. I'm thinkin at least three kegs. Anything less and you classify as a pussy.
  7. It's a car "ride" maybe.

    Plus, the title is a misnomer. You should edit the title and put "experienced alcoholics advice needed". You'll probably get better replies.

    The title as it currently in suggests you need advice on the best routes to take and stuff.
  8. Arrowhead sucks. I'm from KC.
  9. 4 hours? Beers man! If you get a bottle you'll be sloshed by the time you get there lol. I prefer smoking on the road though, i love it. Nothing like a Long ass car ride with a joint and a coffee :)
  10. Your on a weed forum what the fuck do you think.
  11. Yo you pretty much have your own answer already! Bring a cooler of beer ya, and the flask for inside the stadium since alcohol is so expensive inside... Dont drink the liquor beforehand since your gonna wanna stretch a nice buzz out, not get wasted and then motionsick in the 4 hour ride back!

    I suggest MGD, or Coors =P
  12. Lol hope your not gonna be drinking and driving bro. unless your gonna be providing drinks for a mass of people bring some good quality beer bro. If your the supply then just get a couple cases of budweiser
  13. First off, the driver better not be partaking.

    Second I'd get small bottles of liquor so you can hide the open ones easily
  14. I say get some jim beam and make a day of it.
  15. it all depends on how much you're gonna be drinking, but whenever I'm going to football games/tailgating and it's cold outside I'll bring a thermas full of hot tottie, mexican coffee/jamaican coffee, Sin Cider/Apple cider to have along with some beers.
    Hot drinks aren't good for chugging, but when it's cold outside, and you're already buzzing, nothing better than a hot drink to warm you up and give you more of a buzz.
  16. Thanks for all the advice.

    And the driver is NOT partaking so we are good there. The driver is not a smoker otherwise I would roll something up for the trip.

  17. That sucks, so you're not going to be able to toke up at all for the game?

  18. Nope, unless I happen to walk into some smoke at the game. Taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will at least slightly lower my tolerance but I'm not counting on it.

    After the game, when I get back to my apartment, I will heat the vape up.

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