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Experienced pot heads only !!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lionovjudah, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. :yay:a quick question or 3 :yay:

    1. what's the strongest strain :eek:
    2. what's the smelliest strain :p
    3. what's the best tasting strain :smoke:
    :wave:(youve smoked or knew some 1 who smoked it):wave:

    ill get the ball rowling

    strongest: super silver haze (in damm that shizzle was tooo strong well/fury on the throat )

    smelliest: cheese original & big buddah cheese

    best tasting
    • s.a.g.e
    • bubblgum
    • shiva
    • jack herer
    • ak-47
    too many so ill go with 5
  2. From my experience...jack herer is prob the strongest(if there is such a thing)
    Most of that depends on how its grown

    Best smelling some Strawberry Cough once..amazing
  3. wth. strawberry cough is some mids

    hiigh: OG kush nice sativa head super fuck my mind high
    smell: K2 had the fruityest/dankest aroma & tangent smell EVER! whooo yes
    taste: Any purp. Granddaddy purp for cooking
  4. does this look like mids lol

    Attached Files:

  5. i dunno bro. my boy copped a zip of strawberry cough from the club a couple months ago and it took either a full blunt to the face or 2 blunts on 2 heads to get lit
  6. Strongest - SSH
    Smelliest - Shoreline
    Best Tasting - Strawberry Cough
  7. jgrimes53, j grimes is a famous young awesome tap dancer
  8. 1.SSH or WW
    2.Green Crack
    3.Sour D, Juicy Fruit, JH
  9. well i definetly got the strongest im growing Chocolope 100% sativa strain
  10. heres mine...

    strongest: TrainWreck

    Smelliest: Blue Cheese

    Best Tasting: CinderellaxDiesel

    im high... and i hope everyone else is too tonight and the next day and the next day lol..
  11. 1: trainwreck
    2: i've had lots of super smelly buds... can't remember them all
    3: lemon diesel
  12. 1. OG Kush
    2. Skunk, GDP
    3. Jack Herer
  13. That means the stawberry cough you got were mids, not all of it.... Quality changes depending on how well it was grown, I have smoked some excelent Strawberry.
  14. There is none.

    No contest.
  15. It's too hard to come up with a truthful answer because I can't remember the high of every strain I've smoked, or the smell, or the taste.

    Heres the best answers I can come up with

    Tastiest = Sour D, Dj Short Blueberries,Soma Citrus
    Smelliest = WillyHaze, Skunk #2, Somango, Mothers Finest
    Best Highs= C-99, Durban, Pure Kush, Afghan, Kushmans Kush
  16. Here's some good one's off the dome;
    Strongest/Favorite: Jack Herer, Super Silver Haze, C99, Chem Dog.
    Tastiest: Super Silver Haze, Herer, GDP, Grape Ape, Sour Cream.
    Smelliest: Cat Piss.
  17. Strongest would be all star jack frost.

    smelliest would be blue diamond

    tastiest sour d fa shoooo
  18. strongest- all star jack frost * never met anyone else whos smoke this!*
    smelliest- skunkberry x urkle
    tastiest- ive always loved OG kush up until my homegrown. tastes exactly as it looks sorry this picture is freaking huge. [​IMG]
  19. Strongest: Planewreck
    Tastiest: Lemondrop Kush
    Smelliest: Hogsbreath
  20. Tastiest = Strawberry Cough.
    Smelliest = Purple Diesel.
    Best Highs= Bubba Kush.

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