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Experienced Help on Detoxing Wanted

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ResearchIt, May 13, 2010.

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    I am trying to find a job, and all the places around me that are hiring seem to require drug testing.

    Here is what i have been doing:

    Taking 500mg Niacin daily
    Drinking tons of water and green tea
    Wearing sweat clothes and running for 20 minutes
    Stopped drinking soda, and limiting my intake of food.

    If i keep this up every day how soon do you think I will be clean?

    if you have experience in detoxing and have passed your test please give me any info you can


    EDIT: Btw I am 5' 8'' and weigh 170 lbs, I have smoked almost every day for the past 2 years, give or take maybe 3 weeks. I only smoke once or twice a day. I havent been exercising for 2 years or so now, but no matter how much i eat i stay at 170 +- 3 lbs

    I have been very athletic previously
  2. Hey man Im not an experienced toker, but my dealer tells me to drink 1 monster energy drink (the one that comes in a blue can its nasty as shit) i cant remember the specific type but it suposedly works wonders for detox
  3. what type of drug test do they do?
  4. Not sure probably urine
  5. don't forget before a test to take a daily vitamin& mineral pill a few hours beforehand and a creatine drink.
    Those should give your urine the right acidity and makeup that they want.
  6. Everything on your list is the right thing to be doing except the limiting your intake of food thing. As i understand it they check not for the THC but for other shit that you have in your fat as a result. You want to increase your metabolism which means eating healthy and working out as to boost it and move that shit out of your body before your pee test.

    im no expert on this matter though i luckily have never needed to do a rapid detox
  7. yea dude the best thing you can possibly do is drink a lot of green tea...burns fat and cleans the kidneys...just keep at it with that. exercise too
  8. cranberry juice,vitamin C, vegetables/fruits and Soluble fiber
  9. I am not trying to dilute, i am trying to be clean lol...
  10. Only time will do that. Get some exercise and stay clean until you get a job. Depending on how much and how often you smoke it can take anywhere from a week to a month to have a clean sample.

    People will try to tell you that X or Y will 'detox' you but it won't. The THC metabolites are stored in your body fat. Nothing you eat, drink, or otherwise imbibe will detox you other than time.
  11. actually my research on niacin suggests that dilation of the smaller blood vessels and capillaries located in fatty tissue, due to the nicotinic acid, increases the speed at which your body expels chemicals
  12. Not really. Any effect is so slight that it really won't make much difference. Doing things to increase metabolism such as exercise will do more than anything you can injest.

    The biggest benefit of niacin is it turns clear urine yellow/orange for when people are flushing. There isn't a single scientific study that indicates it will appreciably speed up 'detox'. Yet another Internet myth really.
  13. I love just wondering around this forum and coming up on a quality post.
  14. Nice questions and good answers. Having to pee every couple a weeks to stay out o prison(paroll) will quickly convince one that only piss from a non smoking individual or your own none smoke piss will test clean 100% of the time. Took a violation on my part to ignore all the people swearing they passed a test dirty with this or that tech.
  15. Oh well, at least its good for you. And cheaper than other blood pressure medications. I dont think anyone has done a study that involves the effect of Niacin on detoxification. There is a good study that says taking Niacin daily can lengthen your life span by a possible 13 years, given you have a normal "American" diet (which isnt healthy at all lol) Even if its a slight increase I dont mind, i take the stuff to avoid heart problems and diabetes cause my family has a history of it. Whether an increase is appreciable is in the eye of the beholder even if it would speed it up a day I'd say its worth it IMO I need a job fast
  16. true but there are substances which can trigger false negatives
  17. isnt is a shame that you have to have your bodily fluids inspected before you can be employed?

    if you know you are going to have a test, stop exercising and eat fatty foods. this will put your body into a fat storing mode instead of a fat burning mode, as the tch is stored in fat.

    best advice, stop smoking for a month and you should be clean. you can buy tch test strips cheap on the web if you want to check yourself. otherwise, buy something that adds color and creatine to your urine and flush like hec so you can get your levels below the 50 mg/ml threshold.

    good luck!

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