EXPERIENCED GROWERS WANTED: first time grower looking for feedback

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  1. So I will leave my grow room environment info and pictures. More than you know, I am very appreciative to anyone with some wisdom to comment on my forum. I'm still new at this.

    400 Watt Hpw w/ Hood and ballest

    2x4x6 tent

    6.3 Ph when watering

    (Sensi grow nutes threw veg)

    Current nutes: sensi blooom

    4 plants : First week into flower

    3 gal buckets due to space but will place the healthiest and biggest into a 5 gal bucket since there's only room for one 5 gal i know I shouldnt transplant in flower but I just realised I can fit one 5 gal so I'm trading the chance also I've read that unless your not too far into flower its "okay" ( help on this will be nice since I'm waiting for the plant to dry out )

    feeding once per week

    I did not flush before flowering

    Sooo ANY RESPONSE AT ALL would be amazing. Good or bad, honesty is key. IMAG0771.jpg IMAG0770.jpg IMAG0769.jpg IMAG0766.jpg IMAG0767.jpg

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  3. What the fuck
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  4. What the fuck did u send that to me for
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  5. new thread
  6. You posted it on my forum
  7. id just posted a video tellin some dude to dry his thighs cause his thighs were clearly just soaking and that vid came up in the search so figured eh what the hell...

    ...noticed you were a girl right after post didnt mean to imply/offend
  8. nope this is a thread within the "indoor marijuana growing forum"...

    ...hang tight
  9. Not bad looking at all. Looks like you did some slight lst. They will treat you good soon, lots of expose light for the bud sights.

    Looking solid so far.
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  10. Oops so can you tell me what cellulite has to do with cultivation
  11. That made my day thank you!!!!!!!!
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  12. video on what? look again :passtheshit:
  13. Its a video of some old lady getting rid of celulite
  14. reload the page
  15. it should be midget tossing now :(
  16. and yes your grows gunna be groovy dont let it overstress you
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  17. It is!!!! and I'm too high for that shit all *takes a bong rip*
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  18. For all that*
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  19. didnt mean to be a dick :)
    iz juss high negga :smoking-rapper:
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