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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by white420russian, May 24, 2008.

  1. My buddy trimmed down his mothership today and put the branches and stuff in the freezer. Is it still possible to take a clone? The buds just to good and I kept forgetting to ask him to clone it but if its possible to still clone them if i pull them out the freezer then I would be pretty "giddy".
    Thanks for the help-
    White Rush 4 Twen
  2. Im sure some of the real pro's on this site can tell you for sure, but my general knowledge of horticulture in my old age tells me that if they were not hung upside down for any time and placed directly into deep freeze, (while stems still contained a nice amount of water?) then I bet it would work. As long as they have been hard frozen the entire time.
    Im going to check back after some brighter dudes answers this for you, and lets us both know , lol
  3. Thanks man! I hope thats the truth and hopefully I'll find out for sure soon.
  4. and should know for sure. I certainly dont feel sure enough for a definite yes/ but u know, it wouldnt hurt to try one asap anyway. I would just try one at first, and asap too i think.
  5. Like sandman said that is a good question. In my wine grape growing experience we used to make clones off last-years canes so long as there was at least some green tissue on the inside of the stem when a cut was made. The canes otherwise were brown and looked dead. As far as cannabis is concerned, it just might work; just make sure there is still green tissue in the stem. You may want to stake the plant up due to the lack of lignin in the stem. Good luck!
    Dr. T
  6. if this experiment works or not. I bet it will if you do it soon enough, and when frozen, water was still in the entire stem sections?
  7. Doesnt happen to be Dr. Frankenstein does it? Lol
  8. Hopefully it will work. Didn't want to invest time into a dummy mission. But soon enough I will definately have to experiment and see if it works seeing how no one can give me a straight answer. Hopefully it works and others can learn. If not then others can learn from that as way. Will update yall once I adopt one of the branches as mine. Thanks for the support!

    P.S. Im pretty drunk right now so if it doesn't make sense up there I do apologize!

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