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  1. Hey GC, and thanks for visiting my thread. First off, I'd like to mention that I've grown for about three years, and in that three years had very few problems, all of which I easily solved and the crops always ended up in high quality.

    So, to the point, I started this years crop in two separate locations. One is garden grown outdoors (which I have lots of experience in, crops are doin good out there), and the other one is a method I'm just kind of experimenting with. I've been outdoor growing it during the day (In canada I have a lovely natural growing environment), and taking it in at night. The reason I'm calling it experimental is because I changed the nutrient and water pattern due to the change in strain (which is a more difficult strain to grow, it isn't as forgiving as the previous ones I've done). The strain is Rock Bud x AK47, the seeds are medicinal and of good quality.

    Anyway, the sprout is still very early in stage, it is just starting to develop the true leaves. But the two smaller oval leaves are red on the underbelly. The tops of the leaves look a healthy green, and are still developing, but like I said the underside of the leaves is a reddish-burgendy. Not brown (as in not burnt), and not yellow (as in it's not nutrient defficient in the style I've ever seen). However the rockbud genetic is known to have a maple coloured leaf in maturity. However to my knowledge the rock bud leaves are usually green until around harvest.

    As I've mentioned I've dealt with quite a few problems and defficiencies, anywhere from light defficiency to various kinds of nutrient defficiencies, but I've never seen this.

    To re-idderate the sprout looks perfectly healthy, but the underside of the non-true leaves are a reddish-burgendy colour. So basically I"m wondering if anyone else growing this strain, or growing in general has had this discoloration. And if so, is this colouration caused by the genetics of the strain, or some sort of defficiency I haven't experienced yet?

    Thanks for all your help GC

  2. Hey, just to update the true leaves sprouted and are a healthy green, and the reddish/purple/burgendy kinda colour has left. I concluded that it was partially strain related, although I found it had a minor phosphorous deficiency, which I fixed abruptly and the sprout is progressing healthily. Growing around half an inch to an inch a day.

    Happy tokin

  3. Hey bud, what your describing is 100% natural. The non-true leaves turn colors often depending on the strain. Glad its gone away, happy growing =)
  4. OH alright, thanks for the help :). I guess on my previous grows I just didn't pay that much attention :p

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