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Experienced drug testees please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TGODCudderWayne, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I am clean at the moment. I took my first of 5 drug tests the other day for this anti drug course I am enrolled in. A lady gives me a cup, I enter the restroom by myself, pee, and then bring it to her. Simple and private.

    The results are sent off to a lab, so they know my pee body temperature. I am contemplating using a friends pee if I decide to start smoking again. If I do, I am going to bring their pee into the room in a condom, then just dump their pee in.

    The problem-- if its not my body temperature, or close, they will know. What are ways I can get their pee at my body temperature. I was told taping it underneath my arm pit would have a significant effect on the temperature, bringing it to me body temperature. Is that true, or are there any other ways to get someone else's pee at my body temperature.

    Please no lectures or criticism, its my life, I'm not living to please anyone other than myself. Don't be that guy. Thanks!
  2. Tape it to ur balls and call it a day.
  3. Rubber band it to a handwarmer, and then tape it beside your bawls.
  4. They check for spermicide if they don't believe it's your piss.
  5. I took my test and I used synthetic urine taped under my bawls, and hand warmers heat up to a perfect 98 degrees. (Get warmer ready 60 minutes before hand)
  6. can i just tape it up there and be safe? maybe piss a lot now, save it, then warm it back later

  7. not realy true those things get up over a hundred degrees
    if you just keep whatever it is tucked next to your nuts or leg for at least an hr before it will gradualy raise it to your body temp .the drug tester will watch for urine thats too hot also.i personaly used this nasal spray bottle cos it was the perfect shape and size
    i just wore these underwear i had that were realy tight lol and the bottle fit right between my nuts an leg,my body warmed it up and the bottle had a flip up lid and when you squeezed it it even sounded lke you were pissin, lol try it
  8. "Testees"... Huh huh. Hehe. Huh he. Haha. :smoke:
  9. Will I be good?
  10. I'd go with synthetic urine myself but if u wanna go the old fashioned way then have ur buddy piss in a non lubricated condom get urself a tempature stick the kind that u put on aquarium walls and stick it on the condom then get a hand warmer and tape it close to ur junk then when they call your name go in the bathroom make sure the temp reads 98 degrees and pour it into the cup and ur good to go.
  11. Hey there are pills you can buy( i think in bulk) on the net that are 100 percent, take em two hours before.
  12. Can you even fit enough piss in a condom?
  13. You clearly never played with condoms back in the days of immature middle school curiosity. Hahaha, kudos. A friend and I filled them like water balloons and they can hold a LOT
  14. Hehe u said testees :). Wow im hi

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