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Experienced BHO runners only!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HashSlasher11, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Yo guys, anyone ever run their tane straight into their collecting dish? I got a pretty big(ger than normal) errl dish and was wondering if I could golden shower right into the dish even if it isnt pyrex.
    I have a tough time scraping the walls as well as whipping it to become more stable when I shoot into a large pyrex dish. Itd be alot easier if you could just evap and purge right from your oil dish but dont want to have my dish shatter AND waste all that errlz

    tldr: anyone shoot tane straight into their errl dish before?

  2. Sorry, I only give worthwhile responses to gramatically sound posts...

    And whatever golden showering into an errl dish is, I want no part of it sir...
  3. You could do it. But be carfeful purging it over heat if it isn't pyrex.
  4. You sir are experiencing the wrong golden shower.

    obviously ya dont run errl


  5. Well played... :devious:
  6. lol you need an experienced person to tell you that as long as you can purge in the dish, you can do it?

    Come on now
  7. PS: They make smaller pyrex dishes....
  8. @ sirsog LOL figured someone with >100 runs as opposed to my 15 would have tried different methods

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