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    I'm planning on using a sterilite cabinet like pictured as a grow cab. i'd be using the adjustable shelves to create two chambers(grow/veg, obviously). cfls in the veg, hid hps in the flower. it's about 1.5'x2.1'x3' for each chamber. now for specific questions...would 150watt hps be more than sufficient for the flowering chamber, and would 250watts just be overkill? using an air cooled glass tube reflector, as long as temps are kept down would an actual intake/exhaust be necessary? i'd be using co2 in the space, and i would like to keep the odor control issue as simple as possible. anyways, biggest question is "sound efficient enough to bother?" i'd love to speculate about great things being possible, but i'd rather hear from some of you who know from experience.

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  2. well lets see, first off, instead of making both chambers the same height, id make the flower room at least a foot maybe a foot and a half bigger than the veg. like have the bottom 1.5'x2.1'x 2 feet tall, then the upper room be 1.5'x2.1'x 4 feet( im assuming the cab is 6 foot tall alltogether when you say "1.5'x2.1'x3' for each chamber"). Next, if your going HID, between 150 and 250w i dont think 250 is overkill. depending on how many plant you are inteding to put in there, 250 should give plenty of light, and you can never have to much light. but by having a 250w your heat would be higher, so having the light aircooled would be a must. IF the cab was COMPLETLY air tight, you could have a blower/duct fan suck air from inside the cab, through the reflector, and outside the cab through a hole cut in the side of the cab, then all you would need is a hole cut down at the bottom for the suction of the exhaust to pull fresh air into the cab. thats just my $.02.

  3. much appreciated.
  4. No problem. im here to help. put up some pictures when you get it all set up.

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