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Discussion in 'General' started by skedastik, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. I have read a lot about various seed distributors and had never actually purchased any. I finally decided to give it a go a few months ago. I have heard mixed messages on just about every company selling seeds, so I finally decided to just do it and pick one. Going merely by price, quickseeds was my choice. Just like every other company I have heard some good and some bad. Well, i just thought i would share my experience with everyone here. First off, I live in Salt Lake City, UT, one of the most conservative areas in the US, and I was pretty skeptical about having seeds sent to my apartment. I talked with someone in charge and they were very helpful and re-assuring. Although, of course, they could not promise they wouldn't be confiscated, which is completely understandable. The company is based in the UK i believe, and the amount of time elapsed from the day i ordered to the time received was 5 days, that includes a weekend, which i thought was pretty impressive. And shipping was fairly cheap. I ended up ordering 3 varieties of seeds, 10 in each... Chrystal (hybrid of NL and White Widow), Northern Lights, and Skunk #1(which was REAL cheap at the time). All three were packed securely in a blank cd case (which also included the blank cd which i thought was cool) and no identifying characteristics on the casing or anything. I actually ended up going to the post office to pick the package up because i was out when they tried to deliver. So I actually received the package from someone at the PO, and didn't have any probs, questions, or anything. So far so good... I get home and decide to get started right away. I decided to go for 1 of each figuring maybe 2 would sprout and maybe 1 would be female. I placed the three in a wet paper towel and put it in an open zip lock bag to keep it moist, then stuck it in the cabinet of my computer desk to keep em warm... all three sprouted perfectly within 24 hours. Now i had to go get an extra pot for all of them to grow in. I couldn't believe how quickly they have grown... my grow room leaves something to be desired but it does the job. I started them on 24-hour light for about 2 1/2 weeks, then put them on 12/12 for a week, then back on 24 for one week, then on 12/12 again for one week. Doing that all three plants ended up being female... I was extremely happy... next was would the plants produce resin?, I have read a lot about shitty chron seeds that dont actually produce thc to get you high... that luckily was not the case and every plant is in full flower now. I picked a few to try it out, and DAMN! ... soooo good. I had an extremely postive experience with quickseeds.com and i just thought to those interested it may be helpful... good prices, quick shipping, friendly and helpful staff, and most importantly... the seeds were tits! Anyhoo... that is all... i would definitely recommend giving these guys a shot if you are interested in getting seeds, altough i know that some people may have had bad experiences with them... i sure didn't and i would definitely say it is worth a shot.

    i am also interested as to other people's experiences with them so if you have one please share...

    - skedastik
  2. ive always wanted to do this,but scared of getting caught.im glad it worked out for you.

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