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    alright, I have four successful grows under my belt. I'm not a newbie. I think I only ever had one seed that didn't germinate. So germination is not a problem. I have yet to lose a plant in veg or flower. But I'm having some serious issues with damping off at the moment. I've probably lost $250 worth of seeds and I'm just about at my wits end. I've read all of the forms that I could possibly find about preventing damping off. No success. Everything I have planted over the course of the last month is dead. I don't know how I could make the ebvironment and temperature any better. I've tried sterilizing everything with bleach and peroxide. I'm using reverse osmosis water. Heating pad for germination. I've tried with and without the humidity dome. My rockwool cubes have been kept wet, damp, and practically bone dry. In fact I lost two of my seeds because the rockwool cubes were too dry. I only water from the bottom. I dip the cube in pH adjusted water only a quarter way up the cube for 2 seconds. Everything's dead. I have a small fan blowing across the tops of the cubes. every seed has sprouted and has poked its head up, but they either die before roots show or they die right after putting them into the 4 inch cubes.

    I've tried advice from numerous growers and nothing seems to work. I guess what I'm looking for now is advice from someone who's had a similar experience. What worked for you? What did you find was wrong with your setup? What did you change? What did you add to help fix the problem? Fungicide? Beneficials? Anything at all?I don't want to give up because I really love this hobby, but I can't keep sinking money and to top shelf seeds because it's basically like flushing it down the toilet.
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