Experience smoking herbs ... literally

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by spoofy, May 10, 2010.

  1. I'm really baked right now so if this idea isdumb .. forgive me ??

    Anyone here had any experiences smoking actual herbs or tea leaves or anything like that?

    probly wont get you high but it might taste good?
  2. You want to burn random plant matter and inhale its smoke just because it might taste good?

    Stick with weed dude. It actually creates a buzz.
  3. If it was a good idea, people would do it all the time. It's probably harsh smoke which will do nothing more than make you cough up a lung.

    If smoking it was nice and relaxing or gave you a slight buzz there would be a lot more people smoking it.
  4. there are a ton of herbs you can make into herbal cigs, or buy already rolled herbal blends, most are a ton better for you than cigs...but smoking is smoking its harming you one way or the other, well one way actually, in the lungs... Its better to make tea's to get the effects of herbs, most of the supplements you want will burn off before they get smoked... They do taste pretty epic tho... Most people dont really think about it, but its like smokin a clove....lol only NOT as mega brutally bad for you.....
  5. Well me and my friend used to roll tea joints, basically its just tea from a tea bag and you roll it up and smoke it we always did it when we had no bud. It didn't get us high but it was very relaxing.
  6. ^^^ lol my friends sister was smoking tea once, i thought it was hilarious cause i was like 12 at the time, if you wanna relax, as retarded as it sounds, and as gross as it is, catnip man...dont smoke it, make pure catnip tea... shits sedative as fuck
  7. Catnip grow everywhere, tastes minty and is somewhat buzzy. I'd rather smoke weed though. I've smoke catnip 4-5 times, and it wasn't bad, but there wasn't a very strong buzz. maybe add catnip to weed in a joint for taste?

  8. Erm, the weed tastes nice enough :smoking:

  9. good thing i said make it into tea not smoke it, if you smoke catnip, your a fool.
  10. A friend of mine said during bootcamp or whatever for the army they wouldn't let them smoke cigarettes. Or maybe it wasn't bootcamp, I don't remember exactly what it was; I just remember him saying him and his homies would cut open tea bags and roll that shit up.

    To which I replied : feeeeeeeen.
  11. If you're just going for taste, smoke a cigar. They're not good for you in the least but every once and while they're good. And they taste/smell incredible.
  12. i tried tea, coffee, sage (i thought it would be like salvia, but it was for cooking), and random herbs
    they all SUCKED

    worst shit ever don't try it man

    I also used receipts to smoke out of
  13. mugwort is a great smoking herb
  14. I smoke green tea leaves every once In a while. It's relaxing and it tastes good.
  15. Skullcap is supposed to be allright... And you can get an ounce for under $5. But I think you have to smoke 2 or 3 joints to get high. Check Erowid.
  16. when I was about 12 or so, I smoked oregano, tea(Chamomile and Green) and catnip from a cat toy. none of it worked, but tea tastes alright.
  17. you would probably be excited when you get fresh bud right? why would you cut up nasty cat toy for smoking. just run out in your yard and pick your own catnip, guaranteed it will be better than that cat toy.
  18. I have no idea what these guys are talking about, I smoke tea and herbs, home blend too, some stuff taste good, like green tea, it was smooth for me too first time I tried,I ended up making my own blend, and holy fuck I got a head high. Check out my latest post.

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