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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Xanise, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Donno how many posts I have on this account but I troll a lot. Years ago I was a daily smoker. One day I decided to go a beyond smoking and took something a little more trippy. The following months every time I smoked instead of a mellow happy hungry sleepy mood I would get a dark over analyzing horrifying feeling. Since then I have completely stopped smoking. But still a part of me remember the good times. Has anyone ever heard of this along with a way to fix it?
  2. Definitely had this once myself , it was awful. I think it's strains tbh because there was nothing different about my mind set or mood. Get in a happy mood, make sure you're comfortable, possibly with friends and smoke, not too much just take a small hit, wait a while and carry on if you're not how you want to be
  3. What bush smoker said. Some strains just hit you the wrong way. If you're buying from a dealer its a roll of the dice.

    I used to smoke a lot, fucked up my lung now I'm on a break for a while. I started feeling like a suspect in every format the last couple weeks so I'm using this time to get my mind right.

    The only thought i can suggest is just repeat in your head that everything will be all right. Stay cool. Some times weed brings your mind into a dark spot, its only temporary and its all in your mind. You can beat it if you are in the right setting, environment and mind set.
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  4. I'm gonna be honest man, I don't know what "a little more trippy" means, but I have experienced some interesting states of mind and thought processes, and I don't think there's any coming back, since you're talking about a state of mind rather than a symptom you feel from using MJ..

    Perhaps you've realised things about mankind, divinity, society, or yourself that you didn't want to know, but some things can't be unseen. Jahfeel? "psyche-delic"="mind-revealing", and perhaps you weren't prepared to have any of the Great Mysteries revealed to you...

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  5. Well said Elvis I think I love you lol!
  6. You trolled us?

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  7. No man I definitely no fucking troll. I a refugee from RIU! Not too many would write nice pro's like that there. Fled a dict Pict weilding bla bla. Sorry

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  9. You need to learn how to be more comfortable with yourself when you smoke, man. Fuckin' become one with the high. Embrace that shit. Relax. The rest will follow. Get yourself settled in a good, positive vibe and head space, put on some tunes, and make the high your own.


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