Experience buying spores?

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  1. Hey guys im about to start growin shrooms, and I just wanted to ask your opinion on spores.
    *I am growing B+ and Golden Teacher's. I have heard both are good to start off with. Opinions of diff types? What types did you start off with?
    *Cheapest/Best spores youve bought? Advise me on where to purchase them from.
    *?----> up to how much can a 10 gal aquarium produce? The most youve ever produced?

    Im asking people with EXPERIENCE. If you dont have eperience but your positive, then do tell. If you dont know what your talking about, or wanna just be a smartass and say "look it up on google"(hurr hurr) Then Idc stfu. lol.
  2. Both thoes strains are good from what ive read. different strains of mushies are not going to be like different strains of weed. Unless you get into more exotic types that are harder to grow they are all "pretty" much the same. I started off with some random strain i got from a local head shop. Took a while longer than expected but I did produce fruits. spoores101 is where I got mine from $15 for most strains on there.
    You could probably fit 20 or more cakes if your going with the BRF tech.
    I have only done one proof of concept run so that all I got.
  3. B+ is what I started with and I would recommend them for a first timer.

    If you want good spores I would suggest looking up ralphstersspores.

    Determining yield with mushrooms is not easy. Your going to want to start with brown rice flour cakes. Expecting 1-2g(dry) per cake would be a reasonable estimate.

    Good luck.

  4. I'd have to disagree....different spores are VERY different, you can find some similar strains, but for the miost part they are all very different
  5. Go to shroomery.org and only buy spores from certified vendors, all the sellers on there lists are legit.
  6. I started with Golden Teachers and Puerto Ricans.
    They were too very good strains and were very potent. You just have to do everything EXACTLY by the book. No cutting corners no contaminants. Two of my cakes were contaminated with the Green monster(Mold) and we lost a good amount of mushroom because of it.

    Its all trial and error.

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