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Experanced Growers PLS LOOK!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dragon5674, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. high iv been growing 4 about 2 years now usally i grow all the same strain but this time im growing 9 DWC 6 sour diesel, 2 GD Purp, and 1 romulan. veged under 1000watt blooming under 2 1000hps any ways i need to know how many days does each strain need to grow for. ive been told sour is 70-72 days GDP is 55-60 and rom is 55-65 is this true if not can some one pls tell me wut is right and yes i know how to check 4 Tricome ripeness but it would be nice to know about when im suposto start looking. Thank you every one who responds and all that dont just for looking again THANK YOU
    :eek: :smoke: Dragon5674:smoke: :eek:
  2. nobody can say, you need to get a cheap microscope and you take a sample of the trichomes off of the plant and when they turn from clear to cloudy then they are ready to harvest, you can wait for them to turn amber if you want a body high or if you want a head high then harvest them when they are cloudy.
  3. yes i hate lettind the thc degregrat into cbd thats why i am asking but if that is the only way then that is wut i need to do thanks :hello:
  4. everyone like it much better as a head high :smoking::eek:

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