Expensive seeds not germinating

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blazin420, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. I planted 5 Dutch Passion Feminized Mazar seeds 8 days ago. 3 have srouted tap roots but are no longer growing. 2 have shown no signs of life yet.

    Has anyone had any problems germinating Dutch Passion Fem seeds? I have used the same method of germination before with excellent results. I just plant the seeds n soil and place them in a germination station with a humidity hood and a heat mat that goes under the tray which keeps the temperature perfect. No paper towel method. I should probably be a little more patient, but damn. 8 days and almost 50% have not shown life. Using this method I've had seeds germinate and break the soil in 4 days.

    These seeds were a lot of money. About $100 and they are doing nothing. Its kinda funny though. The 10 free seeds that came with the Mazars are growing very well. How ironic.

    Any help would be appreciated. I think I'll stick with the standard cheaper seeds from now on.;)
  2. had the same problem with femenised blueberry from them ..........found a better rate of germination, from using a cup of water, in the dark.........but all my other seeds are fine to just go in the soil..........Peace out........Sid
  3. You mean just drop the seeds in a cup of water for a couple days, wait for them to float, and then put those in the soil? Or do you mean put them in the cup of water and the ones that float I put in paper towels, then soil?

    Damn, on Sunday the 7 plants I have growing are going to be 3 weeks old. I guess its too late to start any more seeds now. Great, now I'll have to wait a few months before I can reap a decent harvest. Maybe I should just buy 30 seeds now and plant them all at once.

    I know its a question in which an accurate answer can't be given, but here it goes. If I continue to grow these 7 plants and start 12/12 when they are 12 inches tall using SOG method, and 4 turn out female, do you think I'll get more then 2 ounces? I am using a 400W MH now, and converting to 430W HPS for flowering.
  4. feminized seeds sux.

    learned ur lesson the hard way. why f around with mom nature. buy 10 seeds and 5 will be female...thats the deal.

    when my growroon is in full swing, i start a batch of seeds every 30 days. constantly rotating.

    as to 2 ounces, yea that is very do-able...maybe even on the small side.
  5. Yeah, I did learn the hard way. Oh well, everyone makes mistakes. At least its not a huge mistake. lol

    How do you start new seeds every 30 days? Do you have 2 lamps? 1 for flowering and 1 for veg? I'd like to do that, but I only have 1 lamp at the moment.
  6. Cool setup. So, was it harder to grow the Jack Herer then other strains?
  7. that is what that thread is about.

    the end is yet to come.
  8. Yeah, I made that last post before I read the thread.
  9. yer i got a pack of ten white wideow female seeds and they cosy me 56pound and not one open i use the paper towle way have done many times with ant problems did i do it worng or was i done lol
  10. im wondering what the best seeds are ...price/yield wise

    get the most bud for the least amount of money...ya digg? people around here like quanity not quality

    for myself im going to get something special to smoke on but thats for personal use

    any ideas?
  11. Sometimes different strains have thicker shells. I like to use a little bit of 400 grit sandpaper and scuff where the cleavage is. If you ever got any of the Durban poison beans they did the same thing. People complained about them not sprouting though I never had any problems and others used the technique with similar success. but if you help 'em out a bit it will increase your germ ratio no doubt unless they're just an old batch which I doubt. At any rate good luck with it, I hope you have some luck.
  12. I bought a 12 pack of feminized White Widow seeds for only $29, and only 3 of those sprouted. The 3 that sprouted were w/ the paper towel method. Do people typically get better results w/ name brand seeds? I have no idea what mine are, it doesn't say, not even on the website.
  13. Holy 4 year old thread, Batman!!!

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