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  1. okay so im growing with four bubblers under a 400watt hps/mh dual ballast system, having a ph/tds/ec meter, 4 air pumps, mylar, general hydroponics nutrients, ozone generator, air stones, waterproof thermometer, and buckets.

    total came up to be about 650....i'll list the prices of each

    8 buckets-40 ( one for veg and one for flowering per plant)
    pumps-40 (2 X dual outlet pumps)
    lights-185 (hps and mh all in one system 400w)
    mylar-20 (single 2mm 25X4)
    nutrients-26 ( general hydroponics flora micro/flora grow/flora bloom)
    PH/TDS/EC meter-135
    Air Stones -15 (4 X 6 inch air stones)
    Thermometer-4 (waterproof)
    Ozone generator-146 (cap ozn 1)

    total came up to be around 611 but rounded up for emergencies...whatcha all think?

    PS do the prices seem relevent?
  2. Your gonna need some ventilation added on.. I'd say about 120 for a blower.. .. and to be honest with you about your price list.. I would round it to 1000 if I were you.. in case of emergencies.. your gonna end up finding that your water lacks cal-mag, or need some other supplement.. And I don't know where your getting your light from but I would suggest an aircooled hood.. with that blower ducted through the light.. that way your 400 can sit nice and close to all those fat nugs.. :)
  3. exspensive LOL not to offend you or anything but 600 is nothing on the setup mine was like 1500 and my friends is like 5000 ....now thats exspensive.... ....air coold hood is the way to go if your worried about heat...its so good i cant use it in the winter lol

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