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  1. my speculation and observations: Here in (M ont (g) omery coun ty MD), I see that they are importing immigrants from Asia, Europe, Africa, Cavribbe.an countries, Mexico, and South America. - to study medical science, to spy on citizens, to work for lower wages etc. The police here seem to exploit desperate prisoners, illegals, homeless, and mentally ill people. There are many European / immigrants here as well. This county is a huge biotech research hub, is one of the richest counties in the nation, and it is very close to DC. Once citizens are waking up, the immigrants will be made into an army of new citizens who are loyal to the manipulators, and will use gang violence, surveillance, bio / chemical weapons to covertly wreak havoc on citizens. They are desperate, indoctrinated, traumatized, and under control of our rogue gov. They work by using division (race, religion, sexuality, and they radicalize people. They control the hospitals, they have PLANTS working in all the stores and restaurants, and they are the snitches and informants of wherever they came from. It is an attempt to exterminate the poor and to consolidate control of power, and they plan to further rewrite history and control minds. They also control the church. Self righteous they seem to be, but also hypocrites and cowards. It seems they hate people from any ghetto and target them (ie - rednecks, indigenous ppl, and poor black folks) but this is the people they get their expendable slaves from.
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  2. That is a well-thought-out theory.

    I believe that Biden is a slave-labor provider. Americans in some states are forced to pay for the illegal immigrants housing, children's education, health care, food, etc., while Biden's wealthy supporters exploit these people with sub-par wages, no benefits, etc. At least in the days of slavery, the slaveholders paid for their slaves themselves.
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  3. In ur first part about then turning and attacking from within: that should be expected to happen if you think about it

    And it did back in the day

    the thing is-

    america is a great country! The American people should have SHOWN those enemies agents what makes america great and they end up deflecting and deciding to live an American life and ignoring the call to duty.

    Is what I was taught anyways when this Russian boy moved to our town in the 1980s

    but things are different now. Each day, America is getting more and more the same as Soviet Union and china
  4. I'm not sure if you need to smoke more or less weed.
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  5. It’s part of the Globalist master plan that’s led by the dark Lord Soros to enslave the American population.

    For years the rest of the world has watched as Americans have become fat from devouring deep fried shite as food supply has become a serious concern in large parts of the world.

    Lord Soros has provided the solution… We will enslave and farm Americans as a food source. There you know now lads.
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  6. Some states?? Where do you think the govt. gets its money?? We all are paying for this, every nickle they spend/squander comes not out of your pocket, they take your money before you ever see it.
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