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Expected penalty for first offense?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Fuckedboi, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. So I'm not gonna go into details right now but basically I live in Utah, I'm 18, and was just caught with some weed and a few pipes recently. First offense clean record, you know the gist. Anyways, I was just looking for other people's stories but more specifically what you ended up putting up with for a possession/paraphernalia charge (how much $, probation, license suspensions, etc). I'm just scared not knowing what will happen in the next year and was hoping for a general idea of what I'm gonna be putting up with
  2. Just had this happen last week.

    Got charged with possession and paraphernalia.

    Go to court looking professional, this is not the time to be cool. Button up and tie, address the judge as "Your Honor"

    You should get off with just fines. I got off with 50$ fine on both charges because I was respectful and well spoken.

    Good luck brotha
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  3. Screw that go to court in a legalize it shirt


    Grow journal
  4. I recommend this route if you are looking to get probation and drug tested every month.

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  5. You will most likely just get a fine. Just go to court well dressed. Around me the police/court system don't care about weed so hopefully it's the same for you. Good luck with that for real
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