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expectations from your dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lake, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. what kind of expectations do you usually have for your dealer? should he always be available with many different varieties of weed? the reason i am asking is because i tried to buy from my dealer today and he said he was out and would have to get me some and i told him how much i wanted. also he only has 1 type of weed do dealers usually have more?
  2. I expect my dealer to give me what I paid for. Is all, they have lives so I'm not gonna bitch when he's busy.
  3. It all depends on the dealer, I've had really shitty dealers and I've had great dealers. The guy I got going now is great, he's got three grades of weed, mids, beasters, fire. No trying to up-sell with crazy strain names and hes pretty much available whenever. Finding someone like that is rare, I started out buying from people who thought selling a dime made you Tony Montana.
  4. The only dealer I have carries mids. Typically he will have 2 different kinds, he is pretty much available whenever and has even gone far out of his way to help me out so I don't mind sticking with mids to give him business :) Not to mention he supplies my opiate addiction hehe.
  5. As long as I get what I paid for and someone whos down to earth, I dont care.

  6. same here
  7. Yeah I only have the expectation of getting what I paid for, but now that I have a new dealer since my old one quit dealing I realize just how annoying it is to have a dealer that isn't reliable.
  8. i expect to get weed
  9. Be willing to meet me in the bathroom at lunch
    Have the bag already ready
    Dont short me
  10. Depends on the area and the dealer, in my opinion. One of my guys I can call and have options of price and quality. Another I'm usually limited to one but he's good to me and doesn't short/overcharge. Treat your dealer well, they'll return the favor.
  11. I was just wondering b/c some other people talk about smoking white widow, kush, and some other strains, though im not sure if they're really smoking what they say they are or if its just talk.
  12. i expect to have bags
    and i expect to have the best product in town.
    at the standard price too
  13. Its not a bad idea to have a few different dealers. I have a few that have mids and one main chronic dealer. That way if one of them doesn't pick up, it's his loss and i don't have to wait until he gets more and is available. If I were you i'd talk to the people who smoked the other strains and see who they buy from. I have no problem referring friends to some of my dealers, most dealers appreciate the business.

  14. true that man but people dont allways have the connect to the best in town,i got a little experiance in this man lol
  15. yea, my biggest problem is someone going to an actual dealer and buying weed then they smoke some and sell it to me. i have a strange feeling that my dealer is cheating me but i don't want to cause a dispute. i can find better ones that offer me more for a better price but its going to be difficult to shake my old dealer.
  16. delivery. he/she needs to come to me.

    availability. they need to be available. no 'week on' and 'week off' stuff. if they do happen to be dry, inform me so I know what is going on instead if blowing me off.

    service. calling to see if I need more or if i was pleased with the last stuff I picked up shows me you 'kind of' care and want to keep me as a customer.

    quality and honesty. don't talk up what you have. don't lie about what you have. if you have garbage i don't want it. if i pay for an amount, i better be getting that amount. I shouldn't feel compelled to re-weigh every pickup I receive for fear of it being short.

    perks. coming over to smoke a blunt or rip a few bowls at zero cost on occasion is a nice way to show you care.

    ...and right now I have all of those things and I am very happy :D
  17. The only expectation I have is that I will get what I agreed to. If a guy tells me its $100 for an O of KB, then I expect that ounce I pay $100 for to be KB quality and no less.

    You can also expect most every dealer to try to screw you... but at the same time, you need to consider that it's also a business transaction so you can't be too hard on a guy for that.

    If you can get better, but you like your current dealer (on a personal/comfort level) then you should tell him that you're gonna start buying from other people who are cheaper. If he says "sorry that's as low as I go" then say "ok, sorry to you too" and get some better cheaper green.

    I also highly recommend cutting out as many middlemen as possible and buying big, on occasion. But, then again, I don't haha
  18. -Get what I paid for
    -Answer my text quickly
    -No lagging or bullshitting
    -Variety of strains
    -Throw in a couple homie discounts every now and then
  19. i expect not to get shorted, and i dont expect "fire" from dealers anymore so when they do come thru with fire i get happy.
  20. i am trying to cut down as many middle men as possible. i live within 2 hours from Atlanta so i should be able to find just about anything. i think thats where most people get there stuff. but ill let them go to the big city and get it for me cause im kind of afraid of going there.

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