Expanding your horizons? (in a drug way)

Discussion in 'General' started by grass roots, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. I remember back in the day when i first started smoking weed, i said that i would never do any other "harder" drugs. I would laugh at others who popped pills or just anything else for that matter. I always went with the motto "stick to the green" and smoked weed everyday. I've been smoking weed for almost five years now, and over this time my view on so much has changed, including drug use...

    Last friday was the first time i tried some ketamine, saturday oxycodon, monday hydrocodon, and today some more k. I never thought i'd be doing something like this, snorting drugs was just one of things i would have thought insane at an earlier time. This past week has been nothing but pills and more pills up my nose. Smoking bud has almost gotten to the point where its boring for me. I've always been a kinda tired person and i would only have energy on the weekends and midday sometimes, and weed only made me even more tired, but these pills give me energy and make me lively. I talk to everyone, have a smile on my face, and i can actually do BETTER in school when im on them i think.

    I used to think drug users like that were weak misguided people with nothing going for them, but now i can really relate to how people can become dependant and love doing these kinds of drugs. Im almost scared because i want to do more all the time, but i know its definitely not good for me, and thats the only thing holding me back...

    I've really just had a want to experiment with all kinds of drugs in the past month or so, and i've had many first times lately. Drugs are the best worst things in the world :)
  2. as long as you know whats addtivive and what really is stupid, then yeah i think experimentaion is fine.

    i personally would try most drugs. But wouldnt go and get them to try them. let them find me.
  3. I haven't really used many drugs, but I'm open to drugs which would have a teaching experience to them, if that makes sense.

    Like, with mushrooms, you can learn alot about yourself that you hadn't known before. And with herb, I think we all know it can have a dramatic impact on your life for the better.

    But personally, I don't see crack or coke or anything having that kind of appeal.

    But to each his own.
  4. That was the same with me but now i would take many drugs..i've been on a kind of binge since friday, it all started with mushrooms, lots of toking, drinking on friday then saturday drinking smoking and 4 mdma pills then sunday just stoned all day long then monady and tuesday just stoned as fucker and now today is wednesday and i had some more mdma and drink and smokes all day, it's st.paddys day after all..i never thought i would turn into it but well what can you say other than, times change people.

    Friday is coming up again now.
  5. im the opposite i started out doing adderall, painkillers, drinking "harder drugs"

    now i just smoke bud ..and im glad

    sure experimenitng is fine. everybody should. but personaly i wouldnt experiment with anything that could kill me (atleast not in small amounts)

    peyote ..you should expand your horizons with these rather tahn oxycodone, hydrocodone ..taht shit can be real addictive

    and i think ketamine can put you in a coma (but im not here to preach :D) so go pop some panikillers or snort some k ..just use some self control
  6. Grassroots, wanna expand on your ketamine experience. I'm kind of curious, not to use it, but just what is like.

    I heard its the closest feeling to death you can experience, or something like that. But that could just be propaganda.
  7. Closest thing to death? uh.. maybe if you snort a few grams of it, because that knocks you out and puts you in a deep sleep for a few hours. I've never done it, but i know atleast one person who has. He said he was fine, but he cant remember anything, and wasted all his ket, haha...

    I havent done it in any large amounts, just a line or two before classes. kicks in real fast and you first notice it visually, like things kinda get wavey and move a little bit. my lips get numb, and my hands tremble a little bit... I like to talk a lot and it generally puts me in a good mood... doesnt last too long though, like a class period and a half (thats how i measured it, haha)... the drip is really gross tasting, too. Like 20 minutes after i snorted it, i felt and tasted the drip, pretty bad tasting...

    but VW, i couldnt imagine anyone getting addited their first time, and its not gonna kill you. I've done it a handfull of times now, and the only thing thats making me want to do it again is because it was fun, not because i have a NEED for it.. if you have a chance to try it, it'd say go for it... oh wow, i sound like the junkie on the corner selling crack...

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