Expanding current ops to 3000W

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  1. I am planning on expanding my current operation, so here's the plan any input is appreciated.

    Room size - 15' x 6' x 10'

    Walls and ceiling will be insulated for heat and sound and covered in greenboard. They will then be taped and painted white and covered in mylar. The floor in concrete and will be covered in 6mil black plastic.

    Lighting - 2 - 1000W HPS and one 1000W MH spaced evenly with th MH in the middle. They will be in air cool reflectors with digital balist and adjustable via a pulley system.

    Air - The air cooling of the lights will pull air from outsode the room and exhaust it out the roof using a 371 CFM 6" HO CAN fan. The ductwork will be insulated rigid 6" duct. There will also be two 9500 BTU ACs installed in the wall to keep the room at 80 degrees during the day. These ACs will be equip with MERV 13 filters for air quality. For wall mounter circulation fans will be placed in each corner to keep the air in the room moving. CO2 injection via tanks on a timed solenoid will keep the CO2 levels above 1500ppm.

    Water - All of the plants will be grown in bubble buckets tied together via a 3/4" hose at the base that will feed back to a 100 gallon res located outside the room. This will then pump the water back to 1gph drip feeders located at each plant. I will have a total of only 12 plants to stay legal ;).

    This will really just expand my current set up by 6 times it's size.
  2. Why 2 HPS and 1 MH? Why not 3 convertable ballasts and switch bulbs as your plants mature?

  3. This will be a flowering only room, I wanted to mix the light to get a more full spectrum. Plants also produce more THC when exposed to UV light from a MH.
  4. Ok makes sense but how are you going to ensure equal coverage? Light movers?
  5. That's one of the things I haven't figured out, because with the air cooled hoods and my room shape I am going to have trouble using light movers.

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