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  1. Say maybe they added cool aid to the grow once a week or they added a specific type of food or they grow the weed in between a mango plant. Like what are some exotic ways to grow to get some funky herb? Like in India I know they do the mango plant thing and the bud tastes like mango. Maybe they could do that with other fruits like strawberries or maybe they could add something to the plant to make the bud taste like fruity cereal? I think I might be dreaming but could such things be possible. Has anyone experimented? And what is the best flavored weed you have smoked?

    Imagine buds tasting like Fruit Loops xD
  2. Tobacco companies, like Acid, infuse cigars with flavors by aging the tobacco in aroma barrels. Anyone could do the same thing with pot and I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen that. Also, tastypuffs sucks.
  3. Might be wrong but I'm pretty sure adding koolaid or fruit loops to your grow would just kill your plants or hurt them and damage the final product.

  4. I milked my budding plant, she turned yellow next day.
  5. lol, wtf
  6. I saw a guy on you tube curing buds in a jar full of fruity pebbles haha. If you want tasty weed, get a tasty strain. Messing around with things like this is a good way to ruin your stash. Just my two cents.

  7. Yeah but experimenting does include trial and error right? Who knows in a couple years there might be minty weed xD.
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    [quote name='"keshmonster"']

    Yeah but experimenting does include trial and error right? Who knows in a couple years there might be minty weed xD.[/quote]

    If i want minty weed i would find a strain that tastes like mint to begin with then isolate that pheno and encourage that trait. You add your kool aid and all that and i will keep to growing and curing weed proper. I want blueberry weed so I am going to add bluberries? Nah i will get the plants that already have that trait. About the only way i see this being done is like some else mentioned how they do it with cigars. Any other way and you just destroying your stash imo. You should do a test run with some of your smoke with certain things and prove me wrong :)I assume you are not a grower huh? I would never take anything i have put my hard work and a huge investment of time into and roll it in cereal and thin mints. Cmon man.
  9. This one guy tried telling me he had "chocolate milk kush" that was injected with chocolate milk at the end of the grow.

    sure buddy :rolleyes:
  10. [quote name='"KangarooBunny"']This one guy tried telling me he had "chocolate milk kush" that was injected with chocolate milk at the end of the grow.

    sure buddy :rolleyes:[/quote]

    This lol

  11. No like I totally agree with you, I would never do that either. I just asked because I was curious. And no I dont grow but I am planning to one day. But the type of food given to the plant predicts how the bud will turn out? So a different type of food will give a different bud result? Adding a new mineral of chemical to change up the bud. Im not necessarily saying role the weed in thinmints lol but a better approach to that haha. I know some places in India have weed thats tinted red because its grown outdoors in the soil they have there. The soil has a high percentage of clay. So maybe by experimenting they could find a mix of methods to modify the bud in a different way. Just a thought I had. But remember I dont know a whole lot about growing so maybe when I learn I will realize that this is complete shit lol.
  12. i love good tasting weed, and food also

    think of it as food

    if they prepair the food right and they cook it right,it should taiste good and then i dont need to add alot of extra stuff to add flavor..its good as it is, no need to

    but if they make it wrong, then you gota add a bunch of UNNATURAL things to the dish to make it taist good

    so in other words, get a good tasting strain to begin with. grow it properly and it will come out tasting good...thats what takes time
  13. If you wanted minty weed why wouldn't you just flavor it with menthol? This seems pretty over complicated, the food wouldn't really determine the flavor of the plant as much as genetics would and then it would just come down to selective breeding which is what they already do, and that's still a very limited range of flavors even if they are all unique.

    If you want scented weed you would really just need to treat it the same way as scented tobacco that you find in swishers and wraps and other flavored tobacco products, and many people consider this a disgrace to the herb.
  14. Or curing right? Take the bud into a glass bottle then add say a slice of mango. Or say cut a strawberry in half and do the same thing. With this you could experiment with like .2g each time just incase it goes bad haha. Or get a really big jar and put multiple fruits. Get a mixed fruit taste :).
  15. Well that is close to what they do to flavor tobacco, except you shouldn't use the actual fruit because of the moisture and mold.
  16. let the herb take on its natural flavor
  17. THIS. If you really MUST get high while smoking different flavors just mix yourself a bowl of happy hookah.
  18. They do this with blueberries too. I think the only safe natural way to do this i swhat they do with mangos in India. You dont add anything to the plant itself, just grow it around flavorful fruity plants. ? And im not super informed but I think what they do with blueberries or some other fruit is cross-breed the plants a bit, but i may be mistaken.

    I had some Lemon Haze once, smelled amd tasyed exactly like lemons!
  19. Ya I would stick to bud natural tastes and if you really wanted that flavor just get some flavor blunt wraps or papers

  20. Yeah I suppose.

    I used to live in wisco too? What did you think of the stuff there? I found Madison such a great spot to score premium bud all the time.

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