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Exotic Strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by LongBottomLeaf, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Exotic to me at least....

    My dealer just got a pickup of 4 different strains to choose from.

    1. AK47 (had it before, loved it)
    2. Free Leonard (used this as my smoke sample, super potent smell and high)
    3. Agent Orange (super potent smell)
    4. Apollo (more generic smelling)

    I realize the descriptions are very limited, but that's all I've gotten from them so far.

    Anyone have personal experience with 2-3?

    P.S. My natural decision was a combo quarter of all 4 strains. Next pick-up may just grab 1 or 2 of my favorites.
  2. Apparently they are pretty exotic :confused_2:

    haha.... anyone?
  3. buds i would consider exotic would be the clone only strains.
    even better are the clone only strains that people rarely have
  4. Lmao I don't think I'd smoke anything called "Agent Orange". Worst strain name EVER
  5. I would say pick up the apollo my dealer had it a little bit ago i loved it
    but ak-47 is always good to have
    so go with apollo and ak

  6. Sour Diesel, Durban Posion lol would you really want anything actually pertaining to either name... no hahahahahahahaha


    If its actually agent orange, get it, the genetics behind that shit are AMAZING

    Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner (which is fucking crazy, good breed) X Space Queen

    Jacks Cleaner is (Pluton x lambsbread x purp haze x northern lights) x jack herer

    lol shits out of control

  7. True that dude and even better than that pure land race strains, like hindu kush:smoke:
  8. Ya I am always really skeptical when my dealers throw out strain names, but based on the little research I have done, it seems legit! Regardless, All 4 different strains are dank, so I could care less really what strain they actually are.

    Got this sampler pack 2 days after my loooong awaited 40cm, 7mm glass, Molino straight tube arrived in the mail!!
  9. get a g of ea. then pick your best one and get alot of it.
  10. Pretty much what I did on this one. I got a quarter.

    2g's each of Apollo, Agent Orange, AK47
    1g of Free Leonard

    My next quarter I am thinking will be 50/50 Agent Orange and Free Leonard.
  11. I have had Agent Orange. Although the name is sorta sketchy, I have had much worse names of weed. The bud is fantastic though. when it's available I try to pick it up.

  12. Join date Oct. 2008, and this is your first post? Nice!

    That Agent Orange is seeming to be my favorite of this bunch. All of these strains taste great. For the most part I have been combining 2 or 3 strains with each sesh.

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