ExMarine 'Head' Needs Grow Help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CannedSpam, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. Hello everyone--I just found this site and it's fantastic. You're all a bunch of helpful folks, and boy do I need some help. I starting smoking doobage about 1977 and have ever since, except for a short stint in the Marines when I abstained. (Too many piss tests and brig time for those who get caught).

    Anyway, after all of those years I've decided to grow my own, mainly because my 'man' has encountered supply problems lately. (Boy do I get ticked off when there's no doob available--like right now). Also the cost is getting to be a pain in the ass as well, so I figured I'll try to grow some.

    Ok..I bought two 40 watt gro lites, planted my seeds in good quality potting soil, watered with distilled water, and about 10 little seedlings have sprouted up in the past 4 days.

    Are these lites ok for this stage?

    Can I add flourescent lamps as well?

    At this stage do I need to keep the lites on all of the time?

    Thanks for your answers.
  2. get a 4 pack of cfls(compact flouro) from walmart they are only about 15$ and are all you need till its time for flowering
  3. n/m forgot you had 10 your gonna need more
  4. Just a suggestion, but I wouldn't start 10 unless you have a pretty decent sized area to light up, fan up, etc.etc. I suggest 5 to start some may die, but others will live. and when they get about 6"-8" start some new ones (perhaps 3 more at a time from here on out) to "take over" when you harvest any females you may have. Constant supply if you do it right.

    Just a suggestion.

  5. Can the gro-lites be used in addition to the flourescents, or does that defeat the purpose?
  6. Forgot to ask...what wattage is best for flouros? Thanks.
  7. The "grow lites" usually make the stems grow longer, but when used in addition with flouros (which help with foliage growth), they can be a nice balance for the plant.

    And I suggest getting the highest wattage "cool-white" flouro you can. I use 45 Watt. Also take my advice..if they say "energy saver"..that's Adspeak for "very dim lights". Trust me on this. ;)
  8. Check your Private Messages.....

  9. Invest in some quality lights. For all the tricks and tips in this forum you can try nothing really returns an investment like good lights. A 400 watt HPS light system from the Indoor Sun Company, (hell I think that's the name) or Inside Sunshine Co. will only run you about $150. This is the best deal for lights anywhere and you can't go wrong with nice lights.

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