Existing on the notion that God already knows

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  1. So this idea came into my mind about a month or two ago. Please remember this thread of not for religion bashing or debating whether or not what I'm saying is relevant because there's "no evidence."

    So to those who believe in the God of the bible, or those who care to discuss civily, consider this.

    If the God of the Bible we believe in is omniscient, he knows our life from beginning to end. So instead of Christians living their lives trying to prove to God they are virtuous through their deeds and works, what if one were to latch on to the notion that God already knows, and try to attain peace through that? "Why do you worry about your life" is a passage from Christ that kind of encapsulates this idea to me.

    Instead of worrying so much about how you're gonna pay the bills, or trying to prove to God that you deserve His favor (which is pointless because noone comes to the Father except through the Son,) why not simply be at peace that God knows.

    Now obviously, you can't be drowning in debt and sit at home all day saying "God knows God knows" and expect anything to change. But you can eliminate the worry and dread by knowing that the path you're walking is the path that God has set for you, instead of walking your own unstable path.

    I have come to call this, "leaning on God." The name is probably already taken but it works for me.
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