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  1. Is existence the only way it can be? I have been having a feeling for a while that everything in the universe is cyclical so why not existence as in everything energy, space-time. I see cyclical existence on many levels in the natural world and it just seems to make sense to me no point in time when everything was put together, no creator needed or some ex nihilo creation event. The biggest thing that has me thinking like this is the state of non existence simply cannot not exist, in other words if there is something that is non existent that automatically makes it a form of existence. I guess what I am saying is non existence or nothing can't exist it is impossible for either to be a reality. So to say there was a point where there was nothing is impossible or at least less likely then an eternal existence of energy, matter, mass, etc. something coming from nothing it just is nonsensical. I can deal with an eternal, infinite, cyclical existence of multiverses a lot better then a point in time where everything came to be whether you say it was the singularity that just popped up out of nowhere or it was a man-god who created the universe from nothing. Any thoughts would be appreciated as I can't wrap my head around nothing or non existence I have ultimately concluded they are impossible but I am open to hear everyone else points of view.
  2. Where do thoughts come from?
  3. I think of it as a coin flip

    tails- absolute nothingness

    we got heads
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    I do think consciousness (energy) is a part of everything in the universe. Now what allows us to separate that by thoughts.. I have no clue. (obviously the mind, but what created the mind?) I think time is only infinitely linear, not a loop. I think there was a beginning, but no end. If it were to be a loop, what would cause this end, and then reformation? Please post your thoughts everyone.

    Very good question. I couldn't even begin to answer this.. Sure we can say the mind, but we can have random thoughts come into our mind at any moment. It's not as if they were a part of us...
  5. Are you saying your random or unexpected thoughts don't come from you?
  6. They come from your interpretation of the situation you're in. When you look at things, you don't just see what's there, you see what's there plus all of your memories associated with everything you see. One of these memories may have been subconsciously associated with whatever it is you're seeing, and without realizing it, that's why it pops up in your head.

    That's my explanation for it, I don't claim it's the truth by any means, it's only what I think. Hope I conveyed that clearly enough, it's late and I'm stoned :smoke:
  7. Yeah that definitely makes sense. I always figured it was a subconscious thing.. The thing that gets me are random thoughts I get while stoned or otherwise? I just don't get why something just clicks and your like "Wow! I never thought of that!" Ya know? Maybe I just don't understand the brain enough..

    esseff: I guess I'm saying I don't know wtf I know. lol.
  8. your thoughts are "you"

    because You are the gap (energy)in between each individual thought produced.

    that is who & what you are.

    but where is that located¿
  9. You are nothingness according to Sartre:

    Consciousness is always a non-thetic consciousness of something as self-consciousness of not being that object...

    Thats my favorite delineation of the nature of consciousness...but philosophy has treated this topic endlessly and there are hundreds of models/conceptions to be found...

    All I know, is that things are too complex and too simple...Things are too...human...

    Life is joy in existentialism...thats the fundamental assumption in which all existential assumptions/thought is grounded...I like existentialism...But I don't like joy...

    yay ramble
  10. 2 points I would like to make.

    You are correct in saying "nothing" is just another thing. This is why I prefer "no thing."

    As far as cyclical existence, I also agree about that. However, many people fail to see the full implications of cyclical existence, because they are so programmed to think linearly. So, cycles do not take place over a period of time. That doesn't make sense, it's still linear. Every single thing, every single moment, is an entire cycle.

  11. Sure, the term nothing becomes 'a thing' in the grand scheme of language...

    But the concept which the term denotes...the nothing at the heart of the term...That is not something...it is not even an absence of...It is a lack of...it is the other end to there actually being something...if there was nothing...'the term something' would stand where nothing does now
  12. Yes, nothing in actuality means NOTHING. However, people generally fail to understand nothing, and nothingness becomes just another concept to cling to, and thus they fail to grasp it. This is why I prefer "no thing."
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    Very good post.. People like to think of cycles in circles which is because they relate time to it. But time doesn't truly exist. It is just a measuring tool, just like mathematics (which also doesn't "exist"). I like to think every moment is just a point in time, and did not cause any "cycle". That's just how I view it though. Nice post. +rep
  14. I think about are resources and environment. I think it couldn't be any other way. This way just makes too much sense.
  15. But our resources and environment make sense NOW. Everyday, these are improving, or growing. To me, this says possibilities are endless, and that infiniti=the source it all began. This is just how I look at it though..

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