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  1. This is a question that can not be answered and if you are reading this while being high prepare to be amused. So let me try to explain life and sheer existence for you. They say the big bang started the universe by some bang out of complete nothingness. But there is nothing to make any bang. There was always and forever complete and pure nothing. Meaning there was no thoughts, no existence, no molecules, no atoms, no particles, pure nothingness it wasn't black and white but nothing. So how did any of this happen? Is any of this even happening are we in nothingness still? Now here's maybe a possible answer that still doesn't answer the question. This pure nothingness gained self awareness of its own existence which is not there because nothing does not exist it is nothing. So after gaining this self awareness that nothing is nothing and that this nothing is all that there is but it cannot be all that there is because it is nothing it does not exist.So after this nothingness gained this self awareness of how it does not exist at all maybe this whole universe was formed to exist but there is only one problem there and that is that it does not exist at all because it is nothing. So we are for ever exisiting in nothingness yet we do not exist at all for we are nothing. Maybe a better word to explain what this nothingness is is simply no word at all. Now you can post your replies trying to prove me wrong but my mind is set on this theory of mine and no matter what you say to disprove my theory it will mean nothing to me. Maybe we will all return to nothingness in time but we won't know if we have returned to it for it is nothing to return to and also we cannot experience nothingness because nothing has no experience no time no nothing.
  2. Even if this is nothing, you are experiencing it are you not? So why not make it something.
  3. That is all we are left too, to make something out of nothing. This is possibly a good reason for religions to have been created for there is no point in life if we all know we are nothing for knowing what we are which is nothing makes us not want to do anything for it is pointless.
  4. Just some extra things I forgot to mention... This nothingness that gained self awareness could possibly be what we would call a "god" and as the bible says we are made in "gods" image. By made in his image i don't think it means physically but mentally for this infinite nothingness which gained its own mind unlimited to all thoughts and ideas ever in existence must have the same mind as us for we are the nothingness. We are merely experiencing our own selves and our own selves is this nothingness that does not exist.
  5. Have you heard of Occam's Razor? This would be Macco's Razor. It's an interesting concept; however, the fact that we understand existence and nonexistence proves that they both exist. It's like yin and yang. Nonexistence is the opposite of existence. You either exist or you don't exist and as Renee Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am.":smoke:
  6. One mention: It was black. Not the color black, but the absense of stimulus. Nothing does exist, given the median definition of the form ex, to not be. Another word for nothing is space.
  7. Dimensions, existence is only the universe but the dimensions as well. The sub-dimensions that handle time, balance, and abstractions. And the dimension of heaven where God has complete control overall. The existence of dimensions can explain why the universe and existence ended up the way it is now. God might have ended the last spiritual age, caused the big bang, and eventually formed life on earth, so the angels can be born through the flesh. Nothing can't exist, meaning, if nothing existed, then nothing would exist. It would be nothing. So from knowing the simple truths of reality. Something exists. Hence existence is something. But look at it from a Yin Yang, objectivity vs subjectivity perspective. Things lean more to objectivity now, that's why there is a cycle of life, and of pleasure and pain. But if existence became completely subjective, it would create a huge black hole that would penetrate the dimensions and cause the feelings of pain, suffering, and despair. That's why it is important to lean toward knowledge, and to be in servitude to humanity with knowledge, than to lean toward your feelings, and only do what feels good. They say matter is energy and energy is matter. The sign for energy is "0", the circle, or the cycle. The sign for matter is "∞", the sideways 8, or the infinite symbol. Notice it is infinite because it loops itself. Which means energy can't exist without matter, and vice-versa. Just as objectivity can't exist without subjectivity, or Yin can't exist without Yang, and vice-versa. You can see at as dualism, or you can see at as a union, you can see it as life, you can see it as existence. Hence there is no real reason to ponder about existence because you know, life just is.
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    ive thought about this topic many a stoned night. why are we even here? there might as well be nothing but how could there be nothing because obviously there is something or none of this would be here. but why is it here anyway. and it circles my brain in this catch 22 fashion untill i drift into oblivion. strange topic un to think bout but best not to dwell upon seriously for there is no answer and you are likely to go mad trying to find it
    edit: and i dont believe that before the big bang there was nothing. i believe that there was a massive amount of energy just there and it exploded into the universe somehow. where did this energy come from? what caused it to explode? we will never know
  9. Something has to come from nothing.

    Think about it for a minute. :smoke:
  10. Nothing in this thread makes any sense.
  11. impossible. something cant come from nothing. the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. same goes for matter. but energy can be converted into matter. Hell, matter might just be energy condenced into a very small space. think about it
  12. This boy is trapped up in the Matrix and the lock and key are inside his stomach. Shit it out boy.
  13. Rock, Paper, Existentialism.

  14. There is one thing that has always bumped up modern civilization a notch higher into a better understanding of the cosmos and the universe.
    This thing seems dictate how fast we learn and how much we learn - and this thing is called technology.

    Until there is technology that allows us to better understand reality, we will forever be stuck with limited knowledge. With limited knowledge comes a limited understanding.
    Simply put, we currently cannot know why we are here - or how this "here" even got here. Technology is a bitch.
  15. there was never 'nothing', just potential for something. we know the reaction let off much heat because we can trace the radiation left over from the big bang. its a 50/50 flip and us being here to observe, proves existence if possible.

    its like a V

    a single infinite point expanding into a infinity big space.
  16. And how do you know the Big Bang was the first bang? Perhaps there was a universe, it came to an end, then just exploded back into existence. So where is the nothingness? What if it always has been?
  17. Something can't come out of nothing.
    So there must have been something all the time.
    It's wierd

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