exhibit of The Roachinator!!!! *pics included*

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  1. so yesterday me and my boys decided to get super super high...so we roll 4 dutches and sneak into this warehouse factory type of thing and hotbox the car...at the end we are left wit the roaches so we decide to get those big water jugs and make holes in it for all 4 roaches...
    the car was sooo foggy...
    they were so high that they could not even get a pic of me..:(...but its alllll good cuz we gotttt sooooo high!!!! :cool:

    it be cool if u guys have pix to share of ur self made bongs.. :smoke:

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  2. That car is fogged out!

    You guys must of been some baked.
  3. Damn, you would need some massive lung power to clear that water bottle.
  4. yea lets just say our lungs pretty much died...i think we inhaled plastic fumes too.. :(
  5. Thats never good.

    Where you at in Jersey.

    908 here.
  6. yea its not...northern jersey 973
  7. lol @ the guy in the first pic who looks totally wrecked
  8. guy in first pic looks weird
  9. he was completely booted off his mind....and he was tryin to concentrate and light the thing so he had a mean ass einstein face on... lol
  10. That's the experience i want one day.:smoke:
  11. haha niiice, i did the same with joint roaches and a 2 liter coke bottle haha

    its funny how everyone from new jersey always asks where each other is out, guess cuz its a small ass state. but yeah im from 908 too, basking ridge.
  12. hahahaha i cant believe u drove around with that contraption lmao ++++++ReEEPPPP
  13. We use poland spring or other similar sized bottles to kill roaches around here. Roachinators FTW
  14. haha wow really nice, 973 right here, im from Shorthills
  15. I got a party coming up soon, maybe that experience will happen sooner than I thought, lol.
  16. when is the party? it be cool if u write ur story if anythin insane occurs.. ;)
  17. is that Derek Jeter?
  18. A few years ago I had a car in my parking spot that wouldnt drive. 2 weeks after I moved to Seattle my car broke down.

    My next door neighbor had two sons in highschool. They were like 17 and I was 19. We made a deal and I'd let them hotbox(tinted windows) my car for cash. I didnt care because I had no plans of ever fixing it.

    But one time I caught one kid and his girl fuckin in my car when I thought they were smoking.
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    O I will write about if I remember anything from it, lol. I'm having the party next month, My parents are leaving for a week (i still live with my parents....) so its the perfect time. Going to hotbox the smallest room in the house, haha(bathroom). Can't fucking wait, pumped for it!!!!!!:smoke:
    EDIT: and I got my buddys 18th next week too, hoohoo, cant wait!
  20. not to good

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