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  1. I have a 4x4 tent and a 4x8 tent. The exhaust is tied together with a T-connection. I have an 8" fan that exhausts into the attic then it's reduced to a 6" line/fan/scrubber. But, before it connects to the 6" duct there is a T that has a 8" scrubber attached to it. There is a PDF diagram attached.

    8" fan: 420 cfm
    6" fan: 240 cfm
    4x4 tent: 106 cubic ft
    4x8 tent: 213 cubic ft.

    The 4x4 tent is fine, but am I going to get enough circulation in the 4x8 tent with this setup? Has anyone done anything similar to this? I don't have any plants in the 4x8 yet. I have mothers vegging in the 4x4 and I'm planning on beginning cloning within the next few weeks and I want to get this set up properly before I put any plants in there.

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  2. Ya that would work, but having the 8" fan up stream of the t would be better

    "Ducting for flew Gasses you want the highest output to be introduced up stream and the lowest down stream. With each attaching to the main vent."
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  3. Cool thanks for reply. I think I can swing that. Air Flow - Page 1.jpeg
  4. It was a pain in the ass. But, I changed it up and feel good about it now. Thanks for the advice.

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  5. i have a really hard time believing that will work well. Booster fans don't have near enough static pressure to be useful for drawing through filters especially over a long run. looks pretty though lol.
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  6. I agree and learned that my first grow the hard way even with a larger 6" fan and smaller 4" filter.... was a no go and my grow stank to high heaven... I now run a 6" inline so I have no problem and the stank stays in the tent... the booster fan however does work great in my intake.. I have it set up to blow on top of my canopy and does a great job (along with a fan blowing at the end of the intake vent.)

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  7. So far the 6" is working in the 4x4 tent with no odor, but have yet to grow in the 4x8. I do get high temps though. It's been getting up to 95 while the garage is at about 79-84

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  8. I should probably get something more like this?

    for the 4x8:

    for the 4x4:
  9. The links I made to Amazon aren't working. I'm concerned that even though it's working now, it won't work later. Especially, when I start SCROGging, which I've never done. I'm assuming I'll need top notch ventilation when I get a good canopy.

    but here's the title for the 6" fan for the 4x4 tent. I would get the 8" version for the 4x8 tent.
    VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller for Ventilation
  10. Thanks. For some reason these aren't working in google chrome, but they work in tapatalk. After re-reading the ventilation faq thread, I found some good deals on ebay: an 8" 800 cfm and a 6" 390 cfm, both with variable speed controllers and low noise. I think they're a hybrid of the centrifugal and axial style. I really don't want to spend more money, but I don't want to find out I need more ventilation during full bloom, either.

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