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  1. hey guys! I'm just doing some brainstorming and came up with a question. Would i be able to get away setting up a room with a passive air system but keeping the exhaust and carbon filter in the middle of the room like you see in a sealed room set up, so no real air exchange?
  2. I'm not understanding ... your only trying to eliminate odor? And nothing is actually exhausting out of the room?

    And if that accurate, I'm assuming you have co2 in the room?
  3. I'm not going to set it up this way, i was just curious if that'd work. There wouldn't be a need for c02 bc you'd be bringing in fresh air
  4. I'm struggling to come to terms with this and understand...
    Do you mean having a passive air intake such as an open window and an exhaust fan to draw the old air out ?
  5. No, you have some sort of intake hole and an exhaust fan, just not exhausting outside
  6. that's exactly what closet/cabinet growers do .. they have a closet with a carbon filter mounted as high as possible in the closet, then some sort of light-proof opening at the bottom of the closet/cabinet. as the carbon filter/fan pushes air out at the top (along with all of the heat.. which is why it's mounted high), cool air is passively drawn in through the bottom... if the area outside of the closet/cabinet is large enough and has decent natural air exchange, you shouldnt run into any "suffocation" issues... like if you had the closet in a garage, or basement .. a large space where there is plenty of fresh air being drawn through your tent/cabinet/closet.
  7. if you have a sealed room where you're just using the carbon filter for odor, you're going to need to add CO2.

    if you're trying to suck air in the room from outside, you HAVE to have somewhere for the air to escape outside.
  8. Thats not what i'm talking about tho. The carbon filter would just be on the ground with the carbon filter recycling/scrubbing the air. It's not a way that's normally done but in esscence that should work, every plant need is being met. You'd just have to air condition the room.
  9. are you trolling me?

    if you want to have the carbon filter in a sealed room just running/scrubbing air to deodorize that's fine.. but you need to supply co2 if you're not actually exchanging air

    if it's not a sealed room and you plan on pulling air in from some location and pushing it out another location without passing through the carbon filter,, there will be odor on the way out. the odor will minimized because the carbon filter is running in the middle of the room, but probably not by much
  10. if you are pushing air into the room whether through AC or fan or passively .. you need to have somwhere for the air to escape. if you have an air inlet, you need an air outlet
  11. without an air outlet, you're going to reach a point where there is too much backpressure and no new air can be forced in .. and you'll essentially have a sealed room with a carbon filter running in the middle with zero air exchange.
  12. Haha i'm not trolling you man. The air coming in would be directly from outside so it'd have c02...
  13. Eh I think I'd use a booster fan if I were to try that personally seems like a stronger inline would create a megashitton of positive airflow.

    Ah just read the first post... so you mean without any fan on the intake?

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  14. Yes, exactly
  15. Only issue with that is that I'd imagine a lot of the smelly air would still get pushed out of the intake... I mean you can always run an outtake and just do a passive intake but I don't see the benefit of a scrubber if it'll just escape out of the passive intake since there is no fan preventing the air from coming out. Just my opinion.

    You can call it an intake but if you don't have a strong outtake it's not truely a passive intake it's just an exhaust port more or less...

    If I'm wrong it's because I just can't picture what you are talking about... a diagram scribbled on a paper would clarify everything if I'm wrong.

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