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  1. I am currently growing with cfl's in my homemade grow box. I plan to flower with about 200 watts of cfl's but my question is, i currently have a 4inch 80 cfm inline duct fan for an exhaust, with 6 2inch intakes around the bottom. My grow box is 3'Wx3'Hx2'D. I know i need a bigger better exhaust fan to help cool things off when the door is shut. How many cfm's should my exhaust be? I plan to try to keep smell under control with the new odor elminating cfl bulbs, but would like to have the option to add a carbon filter if needed. Im not sure if i should get a can fan or squirrel cage fan, or a bigger inline fan. Im willing to spend about 100 dollars on an exhaust fan. Thanks for the help, here are the pics of my grow box.

  2. sorry forgot to tell what each pic was....the top is looking into my grow box from the front with the doors open. those are my clones waitingto root before they go under 12/12 in the box. the second is of my intakes, i have 6 total around the bottom. and the last pic is my exhaust inline fan from the inside.
  3. first off you might want to look into making your grow box taller because once you throw those into flower, even if you do it today, they will grow out of the box very fast.

    just add some intake fans at the bottom and you should be set, maybe a circulation fan as well in the box.
  4. i plan to lst if needed to keep the under control. the inline fan i have isnt pulling enough air thru, so i think i need a bigger one. I can really add any intake fans now, but i will have about 3 small fans from walmart for air circulation in side.
  5. any one else got any input about a better exhaust fan for my grow box? i know my 80 cfm inline duct fan is not enough.
  6. You need a fan with more static pressure, the fan you have is a booster fan and is used to push air out the far extremities of ducting systems when friction is becoming a factor. I found ebay to be the cheapest place for fans (im currently in the market for an inline fan also.)
    Heres a few i found for you while I was searching:
    4" you could win for probably about $50(lower quality)
    better quality 4" for $90

    these have more cfm than I think you need but I am one to overkill my ventilation b/c it will prevent alot of other issues(heat, smell, etc.)
  7. wow dude, thanks a lot for finding those for me. Im going to look into those, and look around ebay for something like that. Is my 6 2inch intakes around the bottom enough with a 4inch exhaust?

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