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  1. So ffirst off i have a fan like this
    Ive seen alot of things saying these fans arent good to use, now the one i have is the cheaper one with plastic fan blades.. its only 140 cfm,, now my room is 3.5'x8x7 i believe i woukd need a 240cfm fan to exhaust properly an for the passive intake to work correctly (plz correct me if im wrong on that) so my question is would a better one of these types suffice like a 400 cfm one or should i break down an buy a better one?
  2. A centrifugal fan is what you want. The problem with other types, they will continue to draw power, over heat, and burn themselves out to keep Rpms and air flow up. A centrifugal will only draw as much Amps as it's using. So when attached to a carbon filter for example, where air flow is reduced, the centrifugal style will adjust while other types will continue to run at max and burn out.

    Good luck bud
  3. Ok i gotcha.. it seems to be doing a halfway decent job but will be switching over to somethin better soon heres a pic of the ladys :) have to put some of the smaller ones in my 3x3x6 tent here soon as i finish settin It up gonna flower some soon one of them was suffering from heat stress pretty bad i dunno y its the same strain but been watering with neptunes harvest an raised the light a bit an seems to be fine.. i cut off all the nasty twisted burnt stuff an all new nice green growrh os comin back so i guess thats what was wrong. How they look blades

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  4. Few more pics

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