Exhaust pc fan on grow box (((adding carbon filter)))

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by yogatogaman, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I have a 100 size exhaust..... I have it set up with a light trap but Im wondering how I can build a filter to go on the back OF THE FAN to keep the odor out of my home.....
    I was hoping someone knew of a way (AND WHERE I COULD GET) a filter to mount onto the back of the fan...

  2. Look in the dryer section at Lowes or Home Depot, they have L pipes you can fit on that and run a hose and filter to it!
  3. htgsupply.com sells actual carbon filters or you can make your own with some pantyhose and some active coal that is used in fish tanks.

    Depending on your cpu fan it will prob have problem pushing the air through the filter though
  4. I am also wondering something similar. How would I use a homemade carbon filter with a PC fan instead of an inline duct fan?
  5. buy carbon pads cut them to size of fan tape done.:D
  6. Do those filter pads keep the smell out? I was thinking something similar and was going to use them with some strong 120mm 90 CFM PC fans I bought with a fan controller.
  7. I personally think that computer fans do not have enough power to push your warm, humid air through your filter for there to be no smell.
    Go to home depot, get a duct fan or even a bathroom fan 150 + cfm and than run a filter, it will save you tons of trouble messing around with that pc fan and pushalot more air out of were u are growing
  8. What about using a PC Fan to pull air from room, then through carbon filter then have another 90CFM 120mm PC Fan pulling air at the end and exhausting out of box? Would the two together be strong enough? Or maybe two of these 120mm 90CFM PC Fans side by side? going to a carbon filter tube?
  9. i'm doing the same thing. advice would be appreciated.
  10. I have read that stacking fans in a row would make the static preassure bearable.. anyone tried this?
  11. Stacking the fans in a row just lowers the load on the individual fans themselves they won't move any more air as they will still be spinning at the same speeds (providing there all the same fans). They will however achieve a better flow, the more fans the easier it will be to push/pull the air.

    In all fairness you would be so much better off buying a 100mm inline duct fan by the time you have rigged something up that's even close to effective.
  12. from my experience computer fans are only a temporary solution, they just dont fave the power to suck air threw the filters, and using the carbon filter sheet method only covers up smell for a few days max.
  13. I have an inline fan personally, TT125, cooltube etc. But it's so damn load, the air flowing through. I have it in a tent right now, but building it into a cab soon I think. I was therefore thinking of using PC-fans with a carbon filter for when I get visitors who can absolutely not hear that my dresser is noisy.. but it might just be easier to try get it very air-tight, and putting tape on the exaust and intake and trap the odor for a few hours... If that even works with ducting to the outside.

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