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  1. i got a closet grow goin on and everything is perfect except i get some high temps and the plants have a tiny bit of heat stress.

    this is my question, is this vent/cover where i can attach some ducting to suck out the hot air from the light? the hole for the vent is a circle so it looks like it was made for that but idk. i have this 4in inline fan and just was wondering if i can do this for an exhaust and will it lower my temps?

    here are the babies btw, 3 aurora indica 1 blue mystic
  2. Yeah dude, rip off that vent plate on both sides. Throw some glass on the bottom of that housing (aluminum tape or JB weld to attatch) and plug in some dryer duct on one of those duct work adapters (made to put ducting into a hole. It has a ring of sheet metal lobes you bend over.)

    You'll have a cool tube, and most likely be able to get your light even closer.
  3. thanks can you give me a little more info on the glass on the bottom of the housing, dont understand that part. and can you explain the duct work adaptors too, sorry kinda a newb still
  4. Ok, take your measurements, and go to lowes. Find the glass cutter person. Usually towards the hardware section.

    Have them cut you a piece of 1/8" glass to your specs.

    While you're there buy some aluminum tape to hold it together. JB weld will also work because it can handle like 800 degrees or something crazy like that.

    slap it together.

    The duct adapter is just a sheet metal tube. It has little lobes on one end you bend over. It's designed so you can add flex ducting into a square duct by cutting hole. It gives you a mounting point that is metal for the duct work.

    You can get this in the heating section of lowes along with the shiny platic/aluminum "dryer duct" you need.
  5. You can also just buy a flange that is square like your vent opening, with a round hole for duct attachment/ just take the measurements of the screw holes in your vent plate. Go to your local hydro store if you have one in your area. The flanges cost like $6 - $10. If they have one that matches your dimensions, its simple. Screw on the flange, and put the ducting oo. Attach ducting to fan and you're done.
  6. alright i understand now thanks!

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