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  1. Hello peeps.I was wondering if you could have your exhaust fan to the scubber run in cycles off and on,or does it need to be running 24/7?

    it is a 4 inch 170 CFM fan hooked to the scrubber in the closet which is 2ft deep by 4.5 feet wide by 7 ft tall.
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    yes but the ideal thing is to use inline damper's..
    goolgle them lot's to choose from ..
    the damper will prevent backdraft..air leak, etc..when your exaust kick's off at light's out..

    i alway's keep my intake on..they get fesh co2 in the air all light period....and..it will give them fresh o2 at night, as this is what they want during the dark period..good intake air is good all the time anyway..
  3. Hey thanks for the quick response and info custom28oz, once again thanks man.:smoking::smoking:

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