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  1. So I'd like to work on a DIY Exhaust Filter to try and hide the smell of some very potent weed. So I've seen a lot of builds that include round exhaust fans instead of normal square shaped pc fans. I'm currently using a pc fan and I'd like to not pay the extra cash to buy a new fan(s). Can anyone link some round to square or square to round duct adapter that would fit a pc fan? Could be 80, 120, or even 140 if need be. Anyone ever had this problem besides me?

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    Would it be a bad idea to just make kinda a "sploof" exhaust filter? Take say maybe a carbon filter you can get for like pets and shit, tape that on there, then for some extra protection tape some dryer sheets on the front. Stupid idea or could that actually work? haha.
  4. it would help us more if you told us more about your setup.
    help us so we can help you.
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    Yea idk cuz you are in a tough spot really. If you could fragrance your living space that you share with roomies but at the same time having that seperate from the actual plants air so it does not absorb the scent of a dryer sheet or cologne or what ever you use to "distract" your roomies from the wonderful smell of fresh drying herbs, you should be ok =)
    Just keep eating chili and fart a lot, they will welcome the smell of weed over your rotten arse! Lol

    Best of luck!
  6. The setup I'm making now is very basic and very simple. 3 (each) 42W 2700K/6500K CFL Bulbs, Starting in a Solo cup but moving to a 1 Gallon Pot, and I'll have one small fan for circulation, one small fan on the plant, and one big exhaust fan. This is all in a decent sized pc case for a stealth build micro grow box. I'm very, very low budget so I'm trying to experiment with stuff I have available instead of buying a bunch right at the start, over time I plan to upgrade.

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