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  1. Just wanted some input on where you guys like to put your exhaust fan. I got my carbon filter set up in the corner of a 2x4 tent and I'm realizing you want all the available space you can get. Is there much of a difference from putting the fan in your tent compared to putting it on the outside of the tent when it comes to performance? I got the variable controller also.
  2. [​IMG]

    You can see my intakes on the far left blowing on top of my canopy and the outtake is on the far right.

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  3. No carbon filter?
  4. That cfl is cute :) lol just looks so innocent haha
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  5. [​IMG]its hidden behind the lights. I run a 4" ipower carbon filter and a 6" ipower inline (442cfm) it definitely extracts air out of my 4x2x4 very well... so much so I had to up my intake because the negative pressure was insane.

    And yes I am trusting a single bungee cord and some tape to hold up a heavy ass carbon filter over my 1000 dollar plant...

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  6. Lmao yea I see it now. I got a 4" filter with matching extraction fan and controller(ventech). I believe it's 190 cfl but I plugged it in and it feels pretty powerful and somewhat loud
  7. Btw is that a couple mars lights you got?
  8. Yeah 2 mars 300's plan on adding another light for my next grow just not to sure which model yet... they got some discounts going on so I MAYYY snag a reflector or a newer unit I did dig those small mars 80's but I very well may also just go with a third mars 300 just depends haha I know 3 of them would do what I need a newer unit would a luxury. Harvested my other plant two weeks or so back so I been letting my girl that veg'd longer get em both... next grow I plan on doing a scrog and completely filling out my tent with tops... I'll probably do 4 smaller plants in 3 gallon fabric pots so I don't have to get incredibly long and I'll have more space not using these bigass buckets.

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  9. Right on yea I was thinking of getting a bigger mars light when I run two plants my next grow but I think 2 mars 300's would give me a better light coverage honestly. Gonna use two 5 gallon fabrics, hoping they will fit well in my tent
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    Man I would love for the quantum boards to come back in stock haha that's what I really want to try... they are getting great yields so far from what I see and I really have to be mindful of how much power I run so I definitely want to get the most gpw possible so I can run less lights for the same outcome... eventually the mars 300's will go into veg and to friends but that'll probably be after two or three mor harvests. But to be fair good growers can achieve 1 gpw with cheaper units so getting a QP from one mars 300 isn't impossible by any means but you'd get more from the same watts off of a QB and they aren't terribly expensive at all. But as for my two mars... I just harvest a 78 gram plant so that was just some grams under 3 ounces... and the second plant in hoping to hit 100+... a QP would be nice but just gonna have to wait and see... definitely letting her go 10 weeks this time though... both other special queens I grew I harvested 55-60 days from 12/12.. which I'm impressed it mature so fast for a 50/50 however I will definitely be letting the second one go roughly 75-80 days flip and really let her mature. Also upping the nutes and giving her as much as she can handle to see what all the differences in bud quality are if any.

    Mars hydro has a cob light coming out soon... I'm not sure of specs or prices but I'm thinking they may actually do the light right and maybe someone else knows the specs if they are out yet... if you aren't in a rush that is or for your second grow when you are going to want to add more light just because lol... I know @M9Prime is going to be one of the testers for the light here in a little bit..

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  11. Yea I see quite a bit about quantum boards and cobs but I think I'm gonna keep it slow and work my way up to all that. I'm hoping for a couple ounces off this first grow. I feel like my girl is a beast but maybe this is pretty normal size? She's 2 weeks into flower, 3 weeks since flip and starting to get a bit frosty. Just out of curiosity what do you think a good LED veg light would be?

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