Exhaust Fan Is Dead In Sealed Tent.

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    My exhaust fan has conked out on me, i'm not sure if i'll be able to get it working again so i'm looking at buying a replacement but money is terrible so it'll be at least a week or two before I can afford it. I'm growing in a sealed roughly 7" x 7" x 6" tent and i've read that the plants can use up all the available Co2 in a matter of hours and essentially stop all growth. Is there anything I can do in the mean time that will work efficient enough to keep a good supply of Co2 in the room? Eg like unzipping the tent door a bit and sitting a small pedestal fan infront of it blowing air in?

    The smell will definitely be a problem since i can't use my carbon filter until the new fan arrives, but if opening the tent and letting some of the smell out to get some fresh air will keep them alive then I don't really mind for a few days at least.

    I'm looking at about 10 days before i can ORDER the fan, so. Will they die before then without fresh air? What should I do?

    This is a DWC hydro set up, can't be moved outdoors at all btw.

    They're all still young and small and the smell is pretty damn weak right now, but i'm hoping that also means they'll need a lot less Co2 than a full-size thriving plant.

    EDIT: Just thought I would add that I've read about Yeast + sugar + water in a bottle and sitting them in the room to produce Co2 but the overall opinion that i've seemed to find is that it's a real hit and miss, can be messy, smells like spilled stale beer and is a waste of time... I might give it a shot if anyone has anything positive to say about it though :)
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    Leaving the door open with a circulation fan inside to push the stale air out.
    And if you can spare a few dollars search on Grasscity "DIY Ona Bucket", should help with the smell a little. 
  3. I'll get onto it ASAP. All I have to do is sort out the luminous purple glow that's going to light up my shed by leaving the door open and i'll be good to go haha :) Thanks.
  4. If you could find another  fan somewhere and put it in there. Gotta watch those light leaks. My son told me he was looking over at his neighbors shed one night and he immediately knew what was up.  :smoking:   Good thing they are best buds huh. You just gotta know this guy to understand, I thought it was kinda funny that he was doing it on the down low without telling my son about it. He knows now :ey:
  5. Haha yeah well I'm definitely not in an area where having my neighbours figuring out would work out ok. There's a painting drop-sheet hanging over the entrance to the tent about 1ft away from the zip, hoping i can use that to block most of the light but still allow air to get around it. Going to go out and unzip it again soon since its dark now and see if it's noticeable from outside...Hoping for the best.

    Also yeah a different fan is definitely not an option, there's nothing around here i could rig up to actually fit the ducting. I'll just have to wait it out until i have the money to replace it :(

    A lucky situation with your son's friend too, if he knew what he was doing I think I would have taken that opportunity to go and sample his goods haha :D

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