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    What are the dimensions, 5 CPU fans can barely keep my PC cool I dunno why so many people throw good money at bad around here on these things.

    Maybe try this;


    i use these in non grow apps, you can separate the cage, place half on the inside wall and the other on the outside wall and bolt them back up...

  2. box is 2' deep x 2 1/2' wide x 4 1/2' tall. think i should get more? like a set of four at the top? Or do you have any other suggestions as to what i should use at a exhaust fan that ill be putting a carbon filter on for the smell?

  3. What kind of lighting are you talking about ? There is no way CPU fans are going to cool even CFL's in that space IMO.
  4. not a good fan, invest in something much bigger, and that fan in the second post is absolut crap as well, i have one

  5. well what would u suggest i get then?

    im not realy worried about the temps in the box im worried about gettin that smell outa there. should i be worried about the temp from cfl lighting?? i had come to thought that cfl's run rather cool
  6. cfl's do run cooler than something like a metal halide, but it's not like they run cold, they put off quite a bit of heat in a closed environment, especially with enough to supply copious wattage. with pc fans and things, they have a very low static pressure rating, meaning that if you put anything covering the fans, they get over-powered and then burn out (also move next to no air). you need to get a centrifugal fan that can blow air. look into vortex or value-line if you want to get serious about ventilation and air filtration.

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