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  1. So I'm currently using this as an "exhaust" fan..


    If like to move it somewhere else to really alleviates AC unit and I see it as an opportunity to get a solid exhaust fan. I have a carbon filter and I'm working with 6inch duct work.

    Links and opinion appreciated
  2. It will work like a champ IMO:)
  3. Is it too much? What's the diff between inline and cfm fan?
  4. The first one you posted is a booster fan, it won't pull 1/2 the air that new one will
  5. Ok. But do I want a cfm fan since I already have a carbon filter ? Would I
    Want an inline fan instead?
  6. I have a 4x2x6 tent and I need this to air out the room completely.
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    cfm refers to cubic feet per minute. both fans you posted are inline.
    whats you carbon filter rated at cfm wise? your gunna wanna match up cfm best ya can.
    dont worry about moving too much air. next to impossible short of blowing leaves off your plants. i have 2 440 cfm fans. 1 runs my 4x4x5 vegg ten and matchin clone/seedling cab with 440 cfm carbon filter. then 2nd one runs my 4x8 flower tent with 2 1k dual arc bulbs in xxl hoods. not only does it scrub the air from the tent, but also cools my lights. plenty of air movement from these.
  8. Well I'm honestly not sure. I bought it last year and just installed it. Wasn't sure I needed the cfm of the fan

    My tent is 4x2x6 height with a 600w hps
  9. not much difference from the green hydro farm fan. but yea, something along those lines.
  10. It's a 12$ difference or so. Just wondering why? What is recommended.
  11. 40 cfm difference.
  12. So the hydrofarm is more expensive and has less cfm.

    Hmm. This is starting to look like a no brainer. What am I missing here!
  13. my bad i misunderstood. yea, now your just paying for name.
  14. id go with the 440. if you find its too much, you can grab a speed controler for a few bucks to tone it down a bit,
  15. Any links to solid controllers? Lmk. Ty

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